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How To Make Money With Ad Words on Google


You can advertise your business with Google by using Adwords. Displaying your ads on Google’s advertising network will drive traffic to your site. Attracting customers is easy when the visitors are already interested in something you have to offer.

Step 1

Businesses are always looking for a cost-effective method of advertising their products or services. Google Ad Words is one way businesses can manage to advertise to a large audience no matter what their budget may be. Getting started with Google Ad Words is easy. To begin, you must first go to 

Step 2

If you already have an account, you can sign in with the username and password you created. Perhaps you don’t already have an account? All you have to do is sign up on the website by clicking on “start now.” You can create a Google Ad Words account by clicking and filling in the requested information the next page.

Step 3

Once you create your account or log in, you will be creating your own ads and choosing keywords that are specific to your business. These will be phrases and words that are associated with your business. Think in terms of what someone will search for if they were looking for businesses like yours.

Step 4

As you proceed in the set up process, you will be creating the ads that will display on publisher websites. When someone uses Google to search and they use one of the keywords you have chosen, the ad could appear beside the search results. Some ads will appear above the search results when the user gets their results. The location of the ads will vary.

Step 5

The next step in getting set up to make money with Google Ad Words would be the person who searches will click on one of your ads and visit your website. Most of the people who visit will have already established an interest because they searched for the keywords you created. They are either looking for products or services similar to what your business offers.

Step 6

With Google Ad Words you will be attracting customers that can visit your website, browse around and see what you have to offer. That person will then learn more about your business and could possibly make a purchase. When they make a purchase, you make money.

The reason you make money is because you used Google Ad Words to display your ads on many publisher sites and by advertising with Google. Using Google Ad Words will help drive traffic to your site and boost sales for your business.
With Google Ad Words you only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad that leads to your website. You do not pay for your ad to simply be displayed. You will only be paying if the advertising works by driving a visitor directly to your website.  

Attracting the right customers who are interested in your products or services is the concept behind Google Ad Words. The money you make using Google Ad Words will come from those individuals who purchase from you. You reap the rewards while paying out only a small portion to be featured in many ads displayed by Google.

It’s a method of target marketing that has worked for many businesses and proven to be profitable for them. More information about making money with Google Ad Words can be found on the homepage by going to 



Complete details about Google Ad Words can be found at 

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By Susan Hill, published at 04/05/2012
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