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How To Get Gmail From Google Dot Com


Many email users are opting to get a Google account. The account offers unlimited storage and many other features that are not available through other email providers. Registration for a new Google Gmail account is absolutely free and only takes a few minutes with the right preparation. Once you have established your account, you can use it immediately to get in touch with your friends and family members. An active Internet connection is needed to establish your Google Gmail account.

Step 1

Write down a list of potential user names you want to have when you set up your Google Gmail account. By writing down the names you want prior to attempting to register for an account, you can avoid the process of trying to think of a new name if the want you want is not available. Commonly used Google Gmail user names include variations of the first and last name, numbers and nicknames. Have at least five names picked out before starting the registration process.

Step 2

Access the Google website in your web browser. The website can be reached either through a search engine or by entering “” in the address bar of your web browser. You should end up on the sign-in page for the Gmail Google com website. If not, check the address that you entered to make sure it is correct. If it is not, re-enter it and attempt to access the website again.

Step 3

Click the “Create an Account” link next to “New to Gmail?” in the upper-right of the screen. You will be taken to the registration form for the Google Gmail accounts. The form is not very long and should only take a few minutes to complete. Enter your personal information including your date of birth, gender and mobile phone number in the field indicated. The information will be used in the future to help you access your account if you forget your Google Gmail username or password.

Step 4

Enter the username you chose in the indicated field of the Google registration form. If the name is available, a check mark will be displayed. If not, an “X” will appear. Enter your next choice for a username in the field and hit the “Tab” key to determine if that name is available. You may have to go through several names before you find one that is not already registered with Google Gmail. Select your password and enter the code at the bottom of the field.

Step 5

Check the Terms of Service box and click “Next Step.” You will need to confirm that you do want to set up your account on the next page. After the confirmation, you can begin to send and receive emails to your new Google Gmail account.

Tips and Comments

Read the Google Terms of Service carefully before agreeing to them. The terms may include provisions that you may not agree to. If you do not agree, you cannot sign up for an account. Contact Google with any concerns you may have with the Terms of Service.

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