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Upgrading Hardware To Store More Memory


In modern days every thing is being worked from the computer.Your personal computer is the  most higly valuable 'brainer' as youwill depend on it to work for you and remembers almost every thing you have saved.This is significantly seen by the upgrading of hardware to store data in the memory.You computer or laptops should be installed with latest applications to enable it do work efficiently.In the computer RAM is one of those supposed to be upgraded for easier and quicker work.With this hardware even working at home where ther is poor connectivity of elecricity work is achieved with atmost satisfaction.

With this 21st century world wide communication has been made easier.Also getting variety of informations ranging from pictures and scripts are available thanks to the upgrading of this small but very crucial hardware store





 With innovation of computers coming in place in more than fifty years ago,there is need to up grade the latest  hardware store in the market.Early days computer were slow and in efficiency, making a work log to the user. Many of the early computers were instaled with outdated inputs and outputs as compared to modern ones.You could take long hours to work on a simple project.

Before computers were there, doing reseach online was a hard rock to break.Gradually computers were introduced which were bigger in size and did not use power.The bigger sized computers were replaceg by abit smaller ones and later personal computer were introduced that used power and were portable

Computers were only found in large organisation.When one computer could break down/ there was no replacement of hfrom the hardware store




Features included as hardwares are thehardrives like modem and flash disks which are inserted.The computers of now days can be connected to adjacent computers by the help of interlink.Other hardwares are jack jack pins and also headphones and microphone jack can be inserted to listen to music

You can also insert personal computers cards as to perform certain  functions.The hardwares are small in size making them portable.

The monitor connector - In this drive modem connector ensure you are connected to the internet.The USB connectors-ensures data is stored and thus you can retrieve the information later.The video-out (S video) connector -This feature ensure you get motion and stil pictures from your computer.They are vey small hardware that you walk with them wherever you go.


Features like mouse is used to navigate your work which are later displayed on the screen .Viewing the information you can use hardware store devices like mouse to copy and paste. There are many outlet connection that ensure it function efficiently

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/03/2012
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