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How To Get 184 Pin Memory


RAM is a very essential aspect of the speed and primary memory function of a computer system. Generally, RAM (Random Access Memory) modules come as a memory stick with circuits embedded into it. We all tend to buy a computer with high RAM memory, and sometimes people even upgrade an old system with new or more RAM memory. Buying a 184 pin memory stick allows you to add a 512 MB or 1 GB or sometimes, even more to your computer’s memory. Therefore, if you intend to buy a 184 pin memory stick make sure to look for it at the right place. You can even add a 184 pin memory stick to your computer system that you intend to assemble.

Step 1

1. Wholesale market of IT products: Most often, all the computer parts and accessories are available at the wholesale IT market near you. Try to locate a place which is reputed in selling memory sticks. There you will surely find a 184 pin memory stick. Most of these wholesale dealers sale these memory sticks at a much lower marked price. Therefore, you have a chance of getting a huge bargain advantage in wholesale market. Even they might produce you with a receipt necessary for claiming warranty benefits.

Step 2

2. Retail outlet shops near you home: Another option that you have when buying a 184 pin memory stick is checking with the retailers. These retailers will slightly charge you more than the wholesale dealers. But the advantage is that they sell single piece of RAM memory sticks too. Therefore, if you need a single RAM just for yourself you can go ahead and check with the retail outlets of the branded memory sticks, near your house. They too provide you with the receipt necessary to claim warranty benefits.

Step 3

3. Getting the memory sticks from dealers: Dealers are even smaller organizations than the retail outlets. Generally, these are small shops which deal with more than one brand. Hence, you may not find a 184 pin memory stick of a particular brand. But since, it is an IT shop, alternate brands will always be there for you to select. Shopping at a dealers shop gives you the opportunity to compare and then buy products and especially computer accessories.

Step 4

4. Buying online from ecommerce websites: If you are sure about the viability of a particular ecommerce organization, then you can always buy a 184 pin memory stick from online websites. There are various discounts and promo offers available at these websites throughout the year. Hence, you have a chance to get the best deal while searching for what you want on the internet.

Step 5

5. The best option you have to buy a 184 pin memory stick is to buy it from someone you know, who does not need it anymore. Many people sell their old computer parts, if they are buying a new desktop or a laptop.


Try to grab such an opportunity so that you can benefit from it.

additional tip

But do cross check on the warranty policy of the 184 pin memoery stick and its time left, before buying such a product.

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