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What You Need To Know About Windows Xp Computers


Computers have evolved from the time of Windows 95 to Windows XP. Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft. 

The first thing you need to know about Windows XP computers is the form you desire. Windows XP computers are of two major forms which are desktop and the laptop. The desktop is a non-portable machine that is placed on a desktop vertically or horizontally on the floor. A laptop is portable and you can place it on a desktop or your lap and it has a screen that unfolds when it is functioning. With these two forms it is up to know which one works better for you or best suits you. The other thing you need to know about Windows XP computers is the operating system that you will use for your computer.

There are a variety of operating systems that are currently being used for Windows XP computers. There is the Windows XP service pack 1, 2 and 3 and the latest version which is Windows 7. All these are versions of the Windows XP operating system as they have been upgraded respectively. It will be up to you to choose from all the operating systems which are the best for you and which one you will understand and use more easily. It is important to also know that when you are looking for a Windows XP computer, you should find out the details of the processor. This gadget is the determinant if the speed of your computer. There are different types of processors and it is important to know the kind of processor so that you can determine the speed and reliability of the Windows XP computer you want. For example, the Intel's core i7, core i5 and core i3 nave been rated as one of the fastest processors today. It is necessary to keep the processor information so that you do not buy a computer that is very slow.

The storage of a computer is another vital thing you really need to consider when you are looking for information on Windows XP computers. The storage comes in two forms which are the permanent and temporally storage. The temporary storage is provided by the RAM that holds data used to run programs. The more RAM you have the more your Windows XP computer will be able to run more than one program simultaneously in a fast speed. The hard disk is the one that provides the permanent storage. The hard disk is the one that determines the numbers of files you can sore in your computer. If you have a lot of files to store, music, video music and movies you need to have a big hard disk of about 160 to 800 GB. It is up to you to consider what works well for you. You also need to consider the video card in your Windows XP computer. It can be integrated or discrete cards depending on the computer. The discrete is more preferred since it displays up to 3D graphics as compared to the integrated which is not so much advanced.

By Hannah, published at 03/27/2012
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