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Constant Laptop Use Dangers

Published at 03/18/2012 02:34:01


Laptops were once considered a luxury and not many people used them. With technological and economic progress, laptops have become quite common.  People walking around with laptop bags is a a common sight. but constant laptop use can lead to some serious health hazards. Since most of the issues that may occur are self inflicted they can be easily avoided by following some good preventative measures.

The demands of job and social networking have made laptop use a constant habit, but sometimes it is quite unavoidable. Some of the common symptoms people experience with the constant usage of laptops are:

  • Shoulder cramps due to bad posture
  • Neck pain from constantly bending down
  • Pain in fingers from the awkward position of hands while typing
  • Itching of eyes and eye reddening

Though many medical journals have been warning about cellphone usage and increase in brain tumor for sometime now, studies are also being carried out about dangers of constant laptop use. Though there is no confirmation researchers are warning about increase in testicular cancer which is linked to increase use of gadgets that emit radiation namely laptops. Since cancer studies are always long term there is no absolute confirmation yet.

Constant and incorrect laptop use can also lead to some real dangers like spinal degeneration because of bad posture. Nerve damage and arthritis are also common among people who use their laptops in awkward positions. Since laptop use cannot be completely avoided the best alternative is to take a few preventative measures like:
Buying laptops with wide screens can lessen the strain on eyes and necks
A separate mouse can prevent repetitive strain injury of the hand
A separate keyboard is also another alternative with will ease the strain on spine, eyes and the whole body.

Taking frequent breaks while working is the best preventive measure that can be easily followed by everyone, staring at the screen for long hours is the main danger from constant laptop use which leads to eye strain. Shifting the eyes to look at some other object for two or three minutes every half an hour actually helps reduce strain on eyes and neck.

Though the name and the very purpose of the laptop suggests that it can be used while sitting down anywhere but constantly keeping the laptop on the lap should be avoided as much as possible. There are people who have experienced burns on their thighs from constant laptop use because of the heat generated from the laptop. It is not that difficult to find a table or bench that can be used to place the laptop. Keeping the laptop on the lap while driving can also be avoided. It is best to place it as far away as possible from the body.

Tips and comments

Since laptops are relatively new, researchers are not very clear about the long-term ramifications of constant laptop use. but they have definitely found out that men who place the laptops on their laps did experience a drop in their sperm count. Now this can be really dangerous as men are already facing problems in the bedroom from job pressures and stress. Since many people cannot dispense their laptops completely, using them judiciously should become a habit, to prevent health hazards.



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