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How To Use Thinkpad Laptops


ThinkPad is a series of laptop computers which is originally developed by IBM in 1992. ThinkPad Laptops are like black notebook computers, which are manufactured to look like Japanese traditional lunchboxes. These laptops are best known for their performance, reliability, and durability. They are used mostly in schools, colleges, and in many businesses. A

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Whenever purchase new ThinkPad laptop a person should consider some key issues like compatibility with different kind of Operating systems, battery time, and off course its hardware which suites your need. IBM is the largest manufacturer of ThinkPad Laptops from the beginning. IBM ThinkPad laptops can be used as a docking system to other peripherals. More than 3 monitors can be attached with ThinkPads. Similarly, a person can disable and enable its keypad or just number pad.

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Usage of ThinkPad Laptops is not very different from other kind of laptops. But there is a little difference of usage and functions among various models. Usually new and branded Manufacturers include the manual with any kind of ThinkPad, which provides the detail of basic functions and cautions regarding ThinkPads usages. ThinkPad Laptops are little bit expensive than other kind of Laptops. And some latest versions and models of ThinkPad are almost out of the range of an average person.

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ThinkPads are very lightweight systems. They can be damaged if you not proper care of them. Whenever a person goes outside or travel picking the laptops as it is the most important thing a person has. It is better to put it laptop bag.

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Use the Power button right on the top of the keyboard for turning ON and OFF. Similarly properly shut down the ThinkPad laptop with touch pad button. IBM ThinkPad Laptops used a separate assembly called UltraNav which includes touchpad, touchpad buttons, track buttons and a pointing stick just like mice ball, and it is located between the letters G, H, and B on the keypad.

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Between the tracking point there is a blue little button which is used as a scrolling device. Some people initially don't know how to use it, because it requires some practice to use. Touch pad button are just like regular mouse buttons. They used for moving cursor on the screen by putting finger on the touch pad. Right pad button is used for moving cursor and Left pad button is used for selecting the object. These collectively used as a controlling the various functions of opening, closing and editing the Windows programs. A separate USB mouse can be attach as an alternative of the touchpad with the ThinkPad laptop.


There are some indicating lights right beneath the screen, which shows the battery status and power ON/OFF status. You can check the status of computer whether it is in normal mode, standby or hibernating mode. Green light on means that battery is fully charged and if it is blinking green then it means that better is being charged. Similarly when the light is orange it means the battery is being charge but it is low. And blinking orange light means that battery is very low and should be charge. ThinkPad laptops usually beeps three times too when battery become extremely low.


For checking standby status of ThinkPad there is also two lights indications use. Green light indicates that system is in Standby Mode and blinking green indicates that it is entering the standby or hibernating mode or normal mode. It is recommended that a person do fully charged and recharged the battery of the ThinkPad laptop per month for long life battery.

There is a little button right on the top of the screen of the ThinkPad which is actually used in low light situations for brighten the keyboard.
Function key is used very efficiently with other keys in ThinkPad laptops for example, if a person wants to do the think light on via function key plus the pg up button. Function key is printed as blue on the keyboard. Hard disk is an important part in any computer device as in ThinkPads. Hard disks in these laptops can be replaced and upgrade. But a person should consider the manufacturer for these kinds of installations and upgrades.

Care for ThinkPad Laptops especially from dust and water. Protect it from any kind of damage. otherwise a person will pay for it. Very high temperature and very low temperature can cause the improper function of you ThinkPad. Turn it on only in the moderate temperate. Never put a heavy thing on your ThinkPad laptop. It can damage the screen and other parts as well. ThinkPad screen is one the most sensitive part. never press it with hand or any other object. Keep this too far from any liquid materials like cup of tea or glass of water. And it can also be cause of electric shock.


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