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Page Hosting Faqs

Published at 03/22/2012 01:32:43


Page Hosting Faqs

This article will discuss some of the frequently asked questions that most people have regarding web page hosting. Although these terms are commonly used, a lot of people are quite unclear about them.

The first question is what exactly is Web Page Hosting? We can call web page hosting, a business. Web page hosting, houses and maintains files that are for one or more than one website. A good web page hosting needs a very fast internet connection. Generally web page hosting can cost quite a lot. On the other the utilization of a web page hosting services can allow the cost of a fast internet connection to be distributed among many users.


Page Hosting Faqs

Next is the question, what is a domain name? Basically, a domain name is the address of your website. The Domain Name Server assigns IP addresses to Internet web servers. Remember that an IP address is not your domain name. A larger address called the Uniform Resource Locator or URL is composed of a domain name. The uniform resource locator has more specific information. This includes the page address, protocol language and folder name. The domain name is shown in Bold in a URL. If you require a domain name, web page hosting services offer this and that to free of charge. Your domain name can be whatever you prefer. The moment you have a web page hosting service, a domain name, and a live website, it then can be accessed by anyone on the Web.


Page Hosting Faqs

What is Bandwidth and Disk Space? Bandwidth can be referred to the rate at which your web page hosting transmits your website to a user’s computer. It can also relate to the amount of information that can be transmitted over the connection in a given time period.

What is shared hosting and VPS? In shared web page hosting, you share a server with hundreds of other users. Nowadays, web page hosts use multi-server load balancing technologies. With these technologies, you immediately get routed to a live server in case one goes down. This is great since it minimizes the downtime. Web page hosting that is shared is less costly and if you have the right web service provider, you can get lots of great features for your money. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It can be described as if you have a computer with its own CPU, memory and disk space. It seems this way because it is the partitioning of a single server that appears as multiple servers. A virtual private server allows you to get root access of installing any custom software or application you want.

What is dedicated hosting? The situation when you rent an entire server and you choose preferred hardware and/or software is called dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting can cost hundreds of dollars per month and offers large capacities for your site(s). You should consider it only if you have thousands of visitors per month and want complete control over your online business.

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer protection. It basically generates a secure connection that is between your web server and your visitor's browser. It does this by encrypting it. SSL can provide your website with extra protection against hackers, forgery and data tampering. In order to have a secured socket layer protection, you need a SSL certificate. There are some web page hosts that offer shared SSL. This allows you to use your web host's SSL certificate so the name will appear on your URL as well as yours.


These and many other frequently asked questions are available on forums and different websites. If you have any other questions regarding web page hosts, then make sure you check them out on the Internet.


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