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The Internet has made our lives easy in numerous ways. One way is that organizations or people can easily market their products or services through the Internet. They can also build a good image for their company through enhancing their social network with the help social networking sites.

One easy way to market your product and maintaining public relations through the Internet is to have a website. Getting a web site for your company is not a difficult task. This service is provided by numerous web and hosting companies.

Web hosting is a type of Internet service which provides server space to publish websites on and then makes that website accessible to everyone over the Internet. The companies that provide web and hosting service are called web hosts. These web hosts produce websites according to your choice and charge a fee depending upon the work that goes into it and the graphics used.

If your website is of a personal type, then usually it will be free of cost or might be sponsored by the companies whom you are advertising through your web site or will cost a less amount. But if your website is meant to do business then it might cost you in varying amounts which is usually very high.


There are different types of web hosting services provided by the web hosts:

  • Free Web and Hosting Service is offered with limited services and is usually provided for the personal web sites.
  • Shared Web and Hosting Service provides web site designing service to hundreds and thounsands of clients on the same server.
  • Reseller Web and Hosting Service allows the company or person to become web hosts themselves.
  • Dedicated Web and Hosting Service allows the user to have a full control his/her web server.


  • Managed web and hosting service allows the user to get their own web server, but they cannot have a full control over it.
  • Web and hosting Service is like a dedicated web hosting service except for physically the web server remains with the web hosts but the client has a full control over it.
  • Cloud web and hosting service is much more reliable than other alternatives as it is based on clustered load-balancing servers and utility billing.
  • Clustered web and hosting Service provides multiple servers that host the same content. The purpose of having multiple servers is to provide better resource utilization.
  • Grid hosting service provides the services of cluster service but it has got multiple nodes in it and it acts like a grid.
  • Home servers are type of hosting servers which are placed in private residential premises and are used to host one or more websites from a broadband connection.

The person or organization that needs the web hosting services must evaluate their requirements and should then select the type of web hosting service as per their requirements.


By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/03/2012
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