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Web domains are the names that you will use for your website URL. When you or someone else is visiting your website, they will enter the web domains name in to the navigation bar to access your website. Because web domains identify with your website, it should be something catchy that gives users an idea of what your website is before they even visit it. It should also be something that people will remember easily so that they can come back and check out your website again. To get a domain name for your website, you will simply need to register it for a low monthly or yearly fee.


Web domains are a string of letters and or numbers that make up a website address. Custom domain names were invented so that users would not have to remember long, confusing, and similar IP addresses for different websites. Imagine wanting to go to a popular website like Facebook and having to enter in a string of random numbers instead of simply typing As custom domain names became available, they were not always very affordable prices. Today, you can get your very own domain name for your website for just a few dollars per month.


To set up and obtain your own web domains, you will need to think up a domain name that will suit your website perfectly. This can be one of the hardest parts about setting up a domain name. Not everyone has a very creative imagination, so it may take some time and many suggestions before you select the perfect name for your website. Typically, the name of the website and the web domains name are the same thing. This makes it easy to people to remember the URL of your site for easier access.

Once you have picked up web domains names, you can check out a domain registration website to purchase your domain name. and are two of the most popular websites for purchasing a domain name at. These website also offer great sales, where you can get a domain name for an even lower discounted price. Just enter the web domains name that you would like to choose in to the search box and select your desired extension. Some of these are .com, .net, .org, and Each one may be a different price. After you search, you will be able to see all of the website extensions that are available for the domain name that you have chosen and their selected prices. If the domain name that you want is not available, you may have to choose a different one or pick a different variation of the name.

Pick the domain name that you like best and purchase it. You can then link your domain name to your website hosting so that you site can be accessed from using this link.

Tips and comments

Think long and hard about your domain name choice before registering it. If it is something that you can see sticking and being a good name for your site, register it before anyone else has the chance to.

By Colleen Ross, published at 03/29/2012
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