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How to train for jobs in hospitality

Published at 01/14/2012 08:25:58


Hospitality is mostly a term associated with hotels, resorts, casinos or any type of recreation facilities. It is the treatment that is accorded by a host to a guest. This treatment, usually determines whether a customer’s loyalty is attained or not. Getting into the hospitality industry, requires that one is well equipped and trained for whatever capacity they enter into this diverse industry.

Step 1

Choose a specialty in this industry that you are passionate about.

The hospitality industry, consists of a broad category of fields within the service industry such as hotels ,casinos ,transportation, tourism .Within these fields lies different departments such as facility maintenance, direct operations ,management, marketing, and human resources. This requires that one be very particular as specialized training is required for either department. Passion helps you decide the field to engage in and as such, good performance and results is inevitable.

Obtain certification

It is important to show that you are certified in handling those that are trusted to your hands. Certification allows a potential employer to easily place you in a department that you are already trained for and as such you are able to operate at full potential. Even for those in direct operations such as, servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bar tenders, it is important to have good recommendation .In this industry there are plenty of skills that could give you that cutting edge above the rest such as, speaking a foreign language. This opens up your career to taking off in another country for example.

Step 2

Get experience

This can be done by taking up an internship position. Such a position would help you gain the experience needed in that field of interest, allowing you to learn how to handle the challenges that come with the job. Most employers require you to have some experience before they can hire.

Customer service

Hospitality is entirely a service industry. This means, dealing with people through and through some of who require or demand specialized treatment. Companies in this industry are all trying to retain the highest number of customers as well as attract new ones. This only happens if customers are accorded the best treatment. Employers are willing to hire and keep employees who are able to retain and please their clients. Attend a short training course on customer care and you will find it goes a long way in elaborating how you must treat your clients.

Step 3

Continuous training

In a fast changing world, it is important to keep yourself abreast in what is happening in your field of choice. If you are a chef for example, learn how to make different delicacies, if you are in a marketing position, learn effective marketing in a digital era. This means that you are relevant in the current market and to your potential employer/employer as well.



Positive attitude is the key to success no matter your career choice. In this industry, though exciting, does not lack its own challenges, some of which might require a lot of perseverance .The right attitude keeps you from caving under work pressure.


Hospitality is all about service to people. Work on your people skills and try to always please your customer. It is a very rewarding experience to have a satisfied customer come back and specifically request to be placed in your care.


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