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How To Use Guitar Guitar Tuners

Published at 02/21/2012 04:29:29


Having a guitar can be fun and rewarding to play. Often times, the guitar will become out of tune from the change in environment to humidity and air pressure. To get your guitar back in tune you can use a guitar tuner.

A guitar tuner will allow a person to tune your guitar to make sure the sound is proper. If a guitar is not tuned correctly when you play it the sound will come out sounding terrible.

Step 1

The easiest and simple way to tune a guitar is with the use of an electric tuner. Go to a music store and buy one. They will not cost too much money, and they are easy to use.

Step 2

You will want to make sure the tuner you buy is geared towards guitars especially. The tuner will be able to detect exactly what string you are playing whether it is A, E, D, G, E or B.

Step 3

Sit the tuner on a table than turn the tuner on. If you have an electric or acoustic guitar the procedure is nearly the same for using a tuner.

Step 4

The tuner has a built-in microphone and will pick up the sounds from the string you pick to strum. Look at the indicator on the tuner. It will be a flashing light and/or a meter. The indicator will let you know if the guitar is flat or sharp and if it is on pitch. According to what the tuner shows, go ahead and adjust your guitar's strings. Repeat this for all of the six strings on your guitar.

Step 5

For an electric guitar, you will need to plug it directly into the tuner. Once your guitar is plugged in proceed to plug a string and watch the indicator. The indicator will be a flashing light and/or meter like with the acoustic. Check to see if the guitar is on pitch and flat or sharp. Adjust your guitar string to what the indicator shows and do this for every string on your guitar.


There are many different tuners on the market you can pick to buy. When selecting a tuner for your guitar you will want to find the best one for your money with the features you want. One popular type of tuner is a key ring guitar tuner. These tuners are quite handy letting you take it with you anywhere you go. They are small, compact and have gotten positive reviews on Amazon.

The Boss TU-three Chromatic Guitar Tuner allows for seven string guitar tuning and a six string bass. The stream meter on this tuner has 21 segments. Overall, the Boss is a great tuner with many gleaming positive reviews.

The Qwik Tune QT-15 Guitar Tuner is relatively cheap and is a good deal to tune guitars. It works well with positive reviews. A few users of this tuner have noted that the microphone is not as sensitive as other tuners so you will need to place the tuner closer to your guitar.

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