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How To Tune a Gibson Guitar

Published at 03/29/2012 20:50:49


Many people have a Gibson guitar and love learning to play it but they really don’t know how to properly tune their guitar. Not knowing how to tune your guitar could quickly end up causing you to become discouraged with playing the guitar. This is because a Gibson guitar, as with any guitar, will begin to sound quite terrible.

Step 1

In order to start learning how to tune your guitar you will need to understand that the Gibson guitar system contains a standard power tune that does not use the same bridge style found on other regular guitars.

Step 2

Since Gibson guitars use a different bridge they emit an excellent sound that surpasses many other guitars that are out there. They are also extremely durable which makes them extremely popular so if you own a Gibson you should definitely know how to tune it.

Step 3

Tuning any guitar should be done every single time you pick up a guitar to play, whether it is a Gibson or not. This even goes for brand new guitars because the strings will adjust themselves every time you play it or you let it sit. Tuning guitars doesn’t take long to do but, at first, it might take you quite a while. Once you get familiar with your guitar and using a tuner it will take you no time at all.

Step 4

By doing a quick search online you will quickly come across the Gibson app for wireless devices. This app is going to turn your wireless device into a guitar tuner. This guitar tuner will work for the Gibson guitar as well as any other regular guitar. Not only will you be able to tune your guitar with this app but you can also use it to mark out your beats per minute. This is going to allow you to play a song on your Gibson guitar in the correct timing.

Step 5

You can even purchase guitar tuners that will assist you in tuning your guitar. Every music store will sell them and even sell ones that work with the Gibson guitar. If you aren’t using a tuner and are doing it by ear you are going to need a reference note. This will allow you to hear what the pitch of a note is supposed to sound like than you can match your guitar strings to what the note is supposed to sound like.


You would be able to tune the guitar without a reference pitch and get it tuned so that it sounds good with itself. When playing your Gibson guitar, or any guitar for that matter, it may sound good on its own but as soon as you try teaming up with other instruments you’re going to sound very out of tune.

Sources and Citations

Once you have one note in tune it is quite simple to tune the rest of your notes. You simply play the open note of the one you just toned and make the next note on the scale sound the same as it. Then you just continue on in this fashion until all of the Gibson guitars have been tuned.


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