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How to sell guitar instruments online

Published at 01/16/2012 20:42:17

How to sell guitar instruments online

You may have already learnt how to play your guitar and want to move to the next level and acquire a new one. But how do you sell you current guitar instruments, you may ask? And while so doing, make some money from it. Well, just as you want to sell your guitar instruments, so are buyers willing to buy it. There is no right or wrong way in selling guitar instruments, as long as you get the value you want from it, you will be happy with yourself.

Here are a few pointers to go begin your marketing strategy for the guitar instruments:

Step 1

  1. Sell at e-bay or Craig’s list:

The biggest e-commerce websites in the US are a great ways to start your guitar sale. Depending on the type of guitar, is it unique or a commonplace type? Nevertheless, once you establish that your guitar is a rare kind, then put it up for sale with an appropriate price tag. Have a nice high resolution picture of your guitar at a good size too, so as to market it on visual appeal. The advantage of these sites is that you are not limited to guitar players only; you may meet collectors willing to cough up quite a bit for your guitar instruments. Just be sure you will have the guitar instruments delivered to the buyer in good shape.

Step 2

  1. Look for a guitar store online that buys and sells used guitars:

You may have even bought this particular guitar online. This way you will already have a clue about what sites area not just selling but also buying. If you are unaware, then simply click on the links below the selling sites and see if they are leading you to sites that sell as well. Shop around in many websites so that you get yourself a great deal.

Step 3

  1. Sell it on your social network-fb or twitter

This will not even cost you advertising fee or any registration and other lengthy form filling procedures. Like advised in the previous step, you should best have attractive pictures of your guitar instruments, accessories and anything that comes in the guitar instruments kit that you may wish to sell. Put convincing copy about the guitar’s features and such. Design a pretty poster or something. Tag your friends whom you feel may be interested or other relevant customers. Put it as your status update and include the picture on your wall, have your mobile number and email should an immediate buyer be available. You may be surprised.

Step 4

  1. Auction it in an online auction site:

This is another option to explore when looking to make that guitar sale when looking to make some cash from it. This does not obligate you to put a fixed price on the guitar instruments you are selling. You may make a killing if the guitar instrument is a rare piece which collectors are interested in bidding for. There are several auctioning sites you can look at then settle ob the one you best see fit. We have online auctions at ebay,ubid, and Auctions.

Step 5


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