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Published at 03/14/2012 13:35:57


There are many songs other than “twinkle twinkle little star”, good wholesome songs your kids will love to listen that can be played around your home, nobody will get annoyed rather everyone will enjoy. We love to listen music and we love to sing songs they carry us to a place where no other vehicle can take. There are many mind blowing music and song your kids may love to listen and sing when they are playing in happy mood or even when they are down. Some music and songs help us to express ourselves where all words fail. There are few songs your mind sings silently that you only can listen. Sad songs always make a kid sadder so a bad rhyme is. Here is few cheer up songs your kids will love to listen:

  • The Monkees: Sugar, Sugar - This is a song your kids will love to listen again and again.
  • Grateful Dead: Sugar Magnolia - A song your kids will love to dance with.
  • The Allman Brothers Band: Soul shine - A song your children will love to play anytime.
  • Free: Alright now - A rejuvenating song your whole family will love to listen.
  • Steve Miller Band: A lotta - All time favorite among the children.


Why Kid’s Choices of Song Differ? The song your children will love to listen does not necessarily have to be perfect in tune or lyrics. There must be a connection of the lyric or the tune in the mind and mood of the kid or of a situation that is the most important thing for its likeliness and acceptance. So, it is really difficult for parents to know which music or song will be loved by their children. There is always a one-to-one connection with a happy situation or mood or words of a song.


Why Music is Important to the Kids? Good music has the power to stir up our spirit with melodies. Sometime we are mesmerized by the lyrics and sometime with the arrangements of the music of the musicians. Music is very important for cultural understanding; it takes care of the spiritual and intellectual growth that leads to the greater development of humanity. A good music helps kids in many ways - it soothes the soul, good for the mind and brain and also helps in studies. Music engages almost all the functions of the brain. It is like brain fuel to the children. But in present day's situation when the teachers have so much to teach and the students have so much to learn, music is pushed to the side out of their syllabus. Let your children enjoy good music, try to make this a habit. It gives them many benefits:

  • It increases reasoning capacity, memory, eloquence and time management.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Increases the ability to think.
  • Make them good human being.

Most children of today are hyper - always want to shout and jump. With the advent of movies, music channels, music videos and televisions they have developed certain types of likeliness on music. They are now exposed to varieties of music every day since their early days. Music has become a bridge between friends from different culture and background. If a child can be properly exposed to music at an early age, his sense, taste and interest develops properly.

Tips and comments

Few ways to develop music sense in your child:

  • Sing a song with them.
  • Dance with your kid.
  • Teach them songs with actions.
  • Share favorite songs of each other.
  • Take them to a local concert.


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