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Published at 03/21/2012 01:39:05


Songs form an important part of our lives, as they have aesthetic as well recreational value. There are various genres of songs. Classical, rock, pop, jazz while the lyrics and rhythms of songs often determine the classification to which a song belongs. Songs are something that we all cannot do without. Be it a toddler or an aged, songs are known to all. Children especially the very little ones are aware of lullabies while little elder children are sing nursery songs and rhymes. In the small classes children sing the “repeat following me song” sung by teachers or babysitters and the kids repeat after the teacher.

Funny songs for little children

Children usually love to hear funny songs, songs on fantasy worlds and fairy tales. They do not have the ability to comprehend songs with profound meanings and thoughts. Various animation series have funny songs for kids that kids like to sing or listen to. Funny song that is taught to the kids is usually “go after me song” that the kids learn by repeating after the singer. There are certain love songs as well that have been written in a funny way to entertain the listener and at the same time deliver the message within it. In the camps or picnics as well people usually sings chorus songs or the sings that are sung in repeating order to create the mood of merriment.

Songs sung for merriment

The join after me song sung at the camps and outings is very melodious and based on some legendary story of some hero or a funny note on some character. The characters in these songs are usually referred from the story books we used to read in our childhood days. Some of the songs are like, one sunny day, sippin cider, little worm etc. Usually such songs are sung along with some actions like clapping or dancing or jumping thus producing a rhythm. Usually the lyrics of these songs are catchy with phonetically rhyming words at the end of each line so that it rhymes. The pace of these songs is never slow. The pitch is high and the songs gains pace progressively.

Funny songs and the parties

Some songs of the funny, merry classification are join with me song or repeat each line songs. In school too, students sing these types of songs to lighten the mood of the day and start their school in a good mood. Action is also a part of these songs. There is always someone to lead the song and rest of the singers follow after him, repeating the line sung by the person. Obviously these songs are funny and noisy as well. But keeping the rhythm is an important factor; one missed beat can mar the humor and melody of the song. These songs are often called as do after me song as they involve certain hand made patterns or physical action as well. These songs were very much popular in the parties of earlier century.

These songs might appear silly to some but they help children to develop their interests in this form of art and at the same time help them in their healthy intellectual growth. Such songs are adored by small kids and toddlers and these songs must be sung more for their sake.


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