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The Meaning Of the Song "the Bird Is the Word"


A classic song from the Trashmen named “Surfin Bird” has the phrase “Bird Is the Word” in it. This song is from the 60s and it is a classy song, an all-time favorite of the people. It is a funky song and people loved this song. Lately this song has come into existence again as Peter Griffin from the television show, "Family Guy" sang it on an episode. “Bird Is the Word” is also the song featured in the Full Metal Jacket film.


Bird Is the Word” has been released in 1963 and reached at no.4 on the charts. The film Full Metal Jacket was released in 1987 and it chose this song to be played in it. Everyone loved this song. The American Surf Rock band, the Trashmen sang it. Many people enjoy singing and listening to it even today.


The song “Bird Is the Word” has hit top-charts and is a famous number. This song basically means many things. No one exactly knows what it actually means. Some say this phrase is actually used to say go away or get lost or to insult someone. While others say that it means the rising popularity as it is often used in this other context. However, most people opine that this song has no meaning actually. It is just a song that is classy and it has made everyone fall in love with its music.

This song might mean that it will fly away or go to tell someone to get lost or go away or stop doing something that is annoying you. This song might also mean that there is a bird that has been coming into the news lately, this bird could be a women or any one that has been coming in the news, someone that is really popular or is getting popular. This could mean that the bird is popular and is now known by everyone. This song has so many meanings so no one really knows or no one can come up with the real meaning. Everyone guesses his own meaning and spreads it.

Tips and comments

“The Bird Is the Word” has been a favorite song. People most of the times do not care about the meaning of the songs. All they want is a song that can make them dance and they fall in love with it easily. “Bird Is the Word” has only one meaning that comes to everyones mind once you hear the song, that is, go away, fly away or get lost into the beauty of nature.

By Amara, published at 03/28/2012
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The Meaning Of the Song "the Bird Is the Word". 4 of 5 based on 25 votes.


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