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Weekend Getaways On Fiji Islands Vacations


Fiji is officially called Republic of Fiji. It is a country of islands in the South Pacific Ocean spread over an area around 2000 km, or 1100 nautical miles in the north east of North Island of New Zealand. The most of the Fiji islands were formed through volcanic activities that started 150 million years before. Fiji islands vacations are dream destinations of many all over the world. Fiji got its independence from the British in 1970. It was ruled by the British as a British Colony nearly a century.


Any itinerary on Fiji islands vacations must include most of the destinations mentioned below:

• Kula Eco Park
• Government Buildings - Parliament
• Fiji Museum
• Tavuni Hill Fort
• Sigatoka River Safari
• Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
• Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Island
• Vatukarasa Village
• Coral Coast Railway.
• Stinger Bicycles

Kula Eco Park is situated in the Coral Coast of Viti Levu, opposite of Outrigger Reef Resort. Children love to visit this place full of iguanas and birds. This a very calm place full of tropical native trees, at the entrance you will find a wonderful musk parrot with red breast and an iguana to sit on for photographs. Peahens and peaks wonder around the park. This place is must on your Fiji islands vacations.


Fiji Museum is situated in the botanical garden of Suva, the capital of Fiji. It houses the relics of local cultural history and an extensive collection of archaeological artifact over 3700 years old. You should not miss this place from your list of Fiji islands vacations.

These orange colored remarkable Government Buildings of Parliament is located on Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva were designed after conventional thatched huts of Fiji, are open to visitors.

Tavuni Hill Fort should be included in your list of Fiji islands vacations, this will tell you the story of the turbulent periods in Fiji history. This fort is located on Nadroga, has many clear evidence of tribal wars between Fijian tribal beliefs and Christianity. This place is open from Monday to Friday between 8 A.M and 5 P.M (closes Saturday at 4 P.M). Entry fee F$10 + F$ 2 for guide.

Sigatoka River Safari is perhaps one of the most visited places in all Fiji islands vacations tours. You will travel on a comfortable safari jet boat in the wonderful expanse of upper Sigatoka River amidst astonishing natural sceneries.
Sri Siva Subramaniya temple is the largest Hindu temple in the entire southern hemisphere. This temple is situated at Nadi. The original temple is in existence for a long time.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Island trip should be considered if you have at least a minimum of 3 exclusive days for this journey. You will sail in small ships to the Fiji islands to experience history, nature, people, culture, and of course the wonderful islands.

If you have sometime left on your weekend Fiji islands vacations consider a visit to Vatukarasa Village of hospitable, friendly, genuine people. They have many social schemes like, diabetes awareness first aid, kindergarten.
Coral Coast Railway is fun train ride through the forest, rivers, villages, mountain caves and sugarcane fields; it is a short trip, a must for your Fiji islands vacations.

Tips and Comments

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