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Customized Vacations And Travel Tours To Latin America

Published at 02/17/2012 02:07:06


North, Central and Southern American islands are collectively termed as Latin American because Latin is the principle language of these regions. Since past several ages, the natural beauty, rich culture and glorious history American lands have been attracting tourists. Additionally, the establishment of travel companies has made it easier for travelers to find their favorite travel packages. In case you are thinking about Latin American vacations tour, you can look for a suitable travel plan.

Plenty of lone tourism, couple, business and family or honeymoon trips are offered by different agencies. Moreover, the increasing concept of adventurous tours, medical journeys and eco-tours has made it easier for professionals to explore the land, mountains and waters. Most travel agencies offer customized vacations tour, depending upon the destinations you are traveling to.


Some of the hotspots that attract customers for vacations tour are:

Brazilian holidays are mostly undertaken by fun-loving or adventurous couples. People who love to participate in 14-day rock climbing or trekking experience at Rio Grande do Sul, on-road driving through the wilderness, underwater tourism in Guarapari or river rafting and animal watching in the Amazon jungle must visit Brazil. Additionally, customized Brazilian holidays include water sports (fishing, sailing, paragliding, scuba diving and snorkeling) and Rio di Janerio carnival as their main attractions.

Mexico is by far the most sought destinations of Latin America. It attracts history fans and art lovers who come in search for artifacts, art galleries and museums. Popular attractions are National Museum of Anthropology, ruins at Zocalo, Montezuma’s palace, Paseo de la Reforma (first famous monument of independence) and shopping center at Zona Rosa (a treat for shopaholics).

In case you’re interested in collective vacations tour, adventurous, historical monuments or private expeditions, Peru offers 7-15 days personalized travel packages for all age groups. The hotspots of most tourism plans are the ruins of Inca Empire, historical city of Cusco, trekking at Andes, evidences of ancient civilization at Machu Picchu. A trip to Peru affectively combines different experiences together.

Galapagos Islands:
Galapagos Islands have always popular locations for scientists and nature lovers. Recently, different travel agencies have introduced ecotourism plans, cruise lines, adventurous packages and private honeymoon packages for couples, kids and adults. You’ll be thrilled to know that most plans involving Galapagos Islands combine a short trip to Quito and the surrounding city. While visiting this island, you’ll get golden opportunities to interact with wild plants, animals, birds and sea creatures.


Apart from undertaking family vacations or honeymoon trips, most people fly to Latin America for business trips, scientific conferences or medical treatment. MedVoy and Surgery Planet are two prominent centers that offer you a chance of taking up medical tourism. Additionally, they deliver topnotch medical facilities like infertility treatment, dental surgery, cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology.

Tips and comments

Depending upon your personal requirements, you can pick up different vacations tour packages. The best part is most firms offer you the provision of selecting your favorite accommodations, mode of travel and amenities offered. You may choose to fly by water or air; settle down in budget restaurants or high-class hotels and include special treats like spa in your travel package. Just browse though different websites and find the best customized plan for you.


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