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It can be very exiting when you receive the news that you have been offered a new management position, because we all look forward for better positions in our places of work. In most of the cases, when you are given the mandate to manage a department or a branch of your company, you are expected to perform all your duties with minimal assistance because as a manager you are supposed to lead with courage.

New management position is definitely very promising position. It is not like what happens when one is promoted to a highly technical position that require extra training and guidance, so that one can learn the skills that are needed to handle such a post. Attending new management classes through campus is a sure way to equip yourself with skills that are required to take and head any new management post, but you also need to have inborn management qualities.

You cannot become a good manager by learning the skills on the job from the managers before you. This will spoil the new management skills that you have because you will not be working as you, but as your mentor. You are required to handle things from your perspective so that you can make right decisions that you can defend later on. Your leadership has to be credible so that your seniors can also give you the space you need when on your duties, and only chip in when the job requires to be handled from different angles of new management.

New managers will always try to convince their peers that they will never walk on the wrong paths of their predecessors, and at times it works because they already know where the managers before them went wrong. In the case of new management, one is presented with the mandate of handling management duties anew. They will get a lot of unfamiliar things in the line of duty and all they need is to focus on them with courage. You will get vacation requests from your staff members, deal with budgeting of the organization, encounter performance issues that require to be streamlined, get conflicts issues that you have to sort out amicably and define perfect procedures in strategic planning.

The seniors who have entrusted you with the new management position know that you can handle it perfectly. Unless you have an exceptional working relationship with your boss, you should not request any help for a task from your senior. He or she could be the one who approved you for the job and your request might raise eyebrows. Never ask for leadership training or team-building sessions as that will show the seniors that you don't really feel fit for the position.


You should also avoid requesting assistance from your peers unless you trust the person you are requesting for help enough. In the corporate world, you are supposed to use your skills so that in case anything goes wrong you are able to defend your act, and on the other hand if you do your things right it will work positively for your job profile which is a plus to your career. It is very compulsory to learn effective new management skills.

By Vlad Dake, published at 02/29/2012
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