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The best thing about 3G Internet is the ability to access a high volume of data at high speeds anywhere you are. Today's 3G devices can provide you with content that you normally associated with your Desktop PC or your HDTV a few years back, the high speed Internet coupled with the power on today's mobile devices make a very good entertainment and business solution. Getting a free 3G Internet access would be an icing on the cake. If you do not own a 3G handset and are looking to buy one, you will definitely come across offers when going shopping for a 3G device. Most new high end devices offer free 3G access for a certain number of months and data access limit provided you sign a contract with their partners. Here is a look at the things that you should be on the look out for while searching for free 3G services.

Step 1

Since many operators offer free 3G access for a limited time and data access, be careful of hidden terms and conditions. You could end up paying more than what you expect if you cross the free data limit.

Step 2

Certain service providers provide free 3G access for long time customers to allow them to decide on the connection. If you have been using the services of your service provider for a very long time, you should probably call them up to find out if you can get free 3G access.

Step 3

The free access are limited to a certain speed, so if you are looking for high speed access you might be disappointed.

Step 4

There are places that offers free 3G, like malls, restobars, coffeeshops and places that people can sit and relax.

Step 5

Free 3Gs can be harmful as well, you might be infected by viruses, so you should be carefull in looking for a free 3G network.

Free 3G Internet on PS Vita and Android Phones

Lately, a lot of manufacturers have been offering free access for customers of new gadgets, so you should make the best out of these offers. AT&T will be offering 250MB of free transfers for $14.99 a month or 2GB for $25 per month on the PS VITA when it launches on February 22. Similarly, you could get good deals on Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab.

There Are No Freebies

There has been a lot of websites posting fake articles about gaining free 3G access by simply typing in a certain code or by hacking the phone with some special software. Most of these articles are fake as there is no proven method of hacking a device to gain free 3G access. So if you are under the assumption that you could get free 3G access using one of the tutorials, you are wrong. You may instead end up spoiling your phone and destroy your warranty. Moreover, some of the tricks which work are fixed as quickly as they are reported. The only other way to get free 3G access is to go to a location with free 3G access. There are places where you could get such services but you would need to Google out the places.

By Hannah Aliposa, published at 02/12/2012
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