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The terms notebooks and laptops are used interchangeably. There are several PC notebook buy websites where you can purchase the notebooks according to your needs. To give you a general idea about the notebook, it is a lighter variant of laptop with less technical and hardware specifications. But, in the current market the cheap and advanced technology used to manufacture the hardware have tremendously affected the laptop in a big way. Now a notebook is as powerful as the laptop with less weight than the laptop. Given below are few important points you should know before PC notebook buy. PC notebook buy website's most important hardware is discussed below.

Step 1

PC notebook buy websites give utmost importance to the processor. It is the main component of the computer. Without this hardware, it is impossible to run a computer system. It is often called as the brain of the computer because of the various decisions it takes to execute different programs efficiently and error free. AMD and Intel are famous for their processor. Intel Core 2 Duo, Dual Core, Core i5 and the new Core i7 is the latest and the fastest processors from Intel. On the other hand, AMD's Athlon and Turion is also quiet famous in the notebook market.

Step 2

Another important part of the PC notebook buy website is the system memory or RAM. The capacity of your RAM decides the speed of your notebook. Notebooks are available with minimum of 2GB or 3GB of RAM. The more the memory is the better the notebook will work. You can also increase the RAM of your notebook with the additional slot given below the panel. It must be done with the authorized dealer otherwise you may loose the warranty of your notebook.

Step 3

PC notebook buy website also gives importance to the screen resolution. Notebooks are generally available in two dimensions 14.1 inches and 15.4 inches wide. If the screen of your notebook is wider then you can enjoy the visual experience. Another significant part of the PC notebook buy website is the graphics memory. Many notebooks come with an additional graphics memory inbuilt with the motherboards which ranges from 256 MB to 512 MB. You can also increase the graphics memory according to your requirements.

Step 4

Battery is the source of power to your notebook. Earlier, notebooks used to have less battery power, but it is as powerful as the earlier laptops. This is the reason PC notebook buy website gives a significant importance to it. A normal notebook battery can give you up to 3-4 hours of service.

Step 5

The hard disk constitutes the major part of the weight of the website. Today, notebooks are available with a minimum of 320GB of hard disk. The hard disk weight and size had decreased tremendously. Notebooks weigh less than 14 pounds and are lighter than laptops. On many PC notebook buy website the prices are given.


Notebooks are less expensive than desktop computers, but the cost is totally justified with the number of features they provide with less weight.

By AJ, published at 02/25/2012
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