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Laptop use has been on the rise lately because they can be easily carried anywhere as opposed to the desktop computers. You only need a leather travel bag for the laptop to carry it with you wherever you go. The fact that is portable and small in size means that you can place it anywhere in your house. You do not have to confine it to a certain table as it is the case with the desktop computers. Another characteristic of the laptop that makes people like it is its ability to conserve power for a considerable amount of time when electricity is out. With the desktop computers you will need to have a UPS so as to have that characteristic and therefore you are in a great danger of losing data. With those many features that make people prefer laptops pcs over desktops, you will still find that laptops have a danger to our health. Constant laptop use can have negative effects both of the physical being and the mental being of a person. Extended laptop use may also have an adverse effect on its performance.

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When the laptops pcs were designed, they were not intended to be used quite frequently. They were meant to provide a convenient fill-in for those times that you could practically not work with the desktop computers. People tend to use the laptops pcs mostly by placing them on the laps. Though that is pretty much easy to do than putting them on a desk, since you will be able to use them anywhere like that, it is not suitable for the body. The heat that is emitted from the laptop may cause some serious health problems. Another thing you will note about laptops pcs is that the keyboard and screen monitor are too close to each other. And therefore prolonged laptop use exposes the eyes to the radiations that are emitted from the laptop which might be harmful to the eyes and even result to blindness in the long run.

It will not be enough to talk about dangers resulting from constant laptop use by simply talking about the dangers caused by using the laptop and not addressing the risks caused by the way we handle it. When using the laptop you need to make sure that you have placed it at a strategic position so that you will not get tension in the arms, the neck and the back. The chair you are seated on should be positioned comfortably. The way you carry the laptop around may also have an impact on your physique. Even the modern small laptops pcs are considerably weighty, and therefore if you carry them by hanging them using one hand for a long distance and you do that most often you may find that your figure becomes curved forward. It may be tiresome too. So just like a child in school you may want to get a backpack which will be more comfortable and not make you feel strained while carrying the laptop around.


It will therefore be important to avoid the improper laptop use habits so as to overcome the dangers associated with them. This include placing the laptop at proper angles and ranges, taking frequent breaks when working to reduce eye strain and back, neck, wrist and arm pains. Any other practice that you may find helpful in preventing harm to your health during laptop use should be seriously considered.

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