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How To Get a Dual Laptop Screen


Have you ever felt that one monitor is not just enough for you? Well, some of the leading laptop manufacturers have created dual screen laptops. We have all seen a lot of prototypes of dual screen laptops on TV and on the net. but now they have become a reality. Dual screen laptops are available on the market and that too at an affordable price. Putting in an aluminum finish or adding the latest and fastest Intel processors is not the future of laptops. It is the touchscreen models of dual screen laptops that are creating waves. Before buying a dual screen laptop, you need to understand which laptop will suit your needs.

Step 1

Dual screen laptops come in two basic models: the wing design, in which two screens are mounted parallel to each other and the touchscreen design.

Step 2

The wing design is obsolete now because of its large size and apparent ugliness. The winning design is also called as the two-headed design. G screen is an Alaska-based laptop and notebook manufacturer and designer, who still provide wing design laptop for users on demand.

Step 3

The main advantage of this design is its price. This model just requires a fast processor to compute the images that are displayed on the screens. No new technological innovation has been added into its arsenal. because of this reason these laptops are cheaper than the touchscreen models.

Step 4

The model thats moving in the current market is the touchscreen one. This model looks like a conventional laptop with the only exception that, instead of a mechanical keypad a touchscreen has been introduced.

Step 5

Almost all leading manufacturers have models based on this design. Acer is one such company, with their model called as iconic on the market. This model was nominated as the winner of the Last Gadget Standing Award in 2011.


This point proves that touch operated dual screen laptops are the future of laptops and notebooks. touchscreen laptops have a big advantage over wing shaped models. It is reported that the battery life of a touchscreen model is far superior to that of their counterpart.

Other big players who have tapped into the market of dual screen lap tops are Toshiba and Lenovo. The model Toshiba released goes by the name libretto and is supposed to be a groundbreaking new laptop. Its an attempt to merge the old laptop interface with the new tablet interface. Libretto has dual touchscreen. Lenovos model is called as ThinkPad and it is said to be a powerful laptop with specifications that will attract hardcore gamers.

Getting your hands on one of these laptops is very easy. There are a number of online websites that provide these models at very affordable price. If you like the traditional method of visiting a store and buying your dual screen laptop, you wont be far away from one. These laptops will be priced from $1100 and above. With Microsoft introducing the touch operated Windows eight platform, quoting that dual screen laptops are here to stay wont be an exaggeration.

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