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Best Laptop For Teens

Best Laptop For Teens

Laptops have revolutionized the information technology market as soon as it became popular. Today's consumer market have demonstrated the use of more laptops rather than bulky desktop PCs. The reason behind this is mainly the fact that you are able to carry the laptop wherever you go. The light weight of the laptop does not show less power in terms of the performance associated with it. Laptop best buying policy involves a lot of factors, and especially when this laptop is meant for the teenagers. Here are a few tips that you need to follow as a laptop best buying guide when you decide to buy laptops for the teens.

Step 1

Check the usage requirements: If the teen is your child, and you are aiming to buy him or her a laptop for the purpose of studying, then laptop best buy guide suggest you to go through the technical details of the product. Configuration associated with the laptop often helps you decide which product is best for the teens. For studying purposes, a 13 inch laptop screen is enough, which can be powered with the latest or even a little old processor type, which has an optimum main memory (2 GB DDR2 or DDR3 will be enough).

Step 2

Choose the operating system: The laptop best buy guide advices you to choose your operating system very smartly. If the teen is going to use the laptop for general purpose use, then stick with Windows based operating system (Windows XP or Windows 7). But if he or she is going to use it for the purpose of learning Computer Science based subjects where UNIX or Linux is involved, then try to stick with DOS based Laptops. Later, you can format the laptop to install your personal Linux OS flavor.

Step 3

Choose the accessories needed. The laptop best buy guide advices you to select the set of accessories before choosing the final product. You can go for U.S.B based external keyboard, a Web cam if needed, U.S.B external mouse, external hard drive, small pen or flash drives, printers etc. But remember, not to spend more than needed on the accessories, since it might not be useful enough, but can raise you budget a lot.

Step 4

Choose an external graphics card based on the teen's gaming requirements. Even if he or she is working on Multimedia then a powerful graphics card might be needed. Most of the laptops in today's market contain a powerful in-built graphics card. Therefore, choose smart, and see to it that the laptop supports external graphics card, which most laptops do in today's world.

Step 5

Since most of the teens hang around with the laptops all day, laptop best buy guide advises you to have a good look at the warranty policy provided by the brand. Most of them provide table top replacement warranty and servicing. You can also extend this warranty and getting a full cover warranty helps you in protecting your laptop best from any damage.

By AJ, published at 02/21/2012
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Best Laptop For Teens. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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