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How To Create An Area For a Network


Computer networks are now everywhere. From corporate VPN networks to LAN (Local Area Networks), computer networks are growing day by day to be the most important subject of computer science. Creating a network area is easy, but requires a lot of patience and awareness about the various points of the network that has to be established. Whenever we speak about a network area, points about the network come to our mind, like security, ease of installation of new devices, mobility in terms of network access and many more. Setting up of a network area can be done using the following guidelines.

Step 1

1. Security is one of the most important factors that you should give importance to, when you consider a network area. Try to devise a network and the components in such a way that it is not easily accessible by the outsider’s point of view. For example, when you set up a network try to do the cabling (if you are using a wired network) in such a way that the wires are not exposed to the people outside the network. Similarly, while setting up a wireless network try to use an encrypted password for ensuring complete security of the network.

Step 2

2. Frequently, while selecting a network area, we must keep the addition of new devices or network upgrades in mind. If we build a network in such a way, that adding fresh devices becomes impossible for the network engineers, then it is best that we select a better network plan at the beginning, in order to keep things simple. Having open nodes in a network is not advised, but using a manageable network is necessary. So, try to build a network which is manageable and secure.

Step 3

3. While creating a network area for the wireless network, try to make use of customized security software, which makes use of high end encrypted access algorithm for allowing access. Often, this is required when you are creating a network for a corporate environment. Use the knowledge of the network engineers and security software developers to design a custom application for security access to the wireless network within the corporate environment. Test the software several times before deploying it in the actual network. Test can be done by professional hackers employed to test the security of the software as well as the network.

Step 4

4. While selecting a network area plan it well so that the essential network equipments like VPN router (For VPN connection network), Network firewalls, terminals, printers, servers, etc. all get a pre-allocated location within the network. This will make the network manageable and more secured. Try to modify this plan at regular intervals to see which plan suits your need the best.

Step 5

5. Selecting the network area can even be done, based on the advices given by network professionals of security organizations. Be open to suggestions so that security as well as manageability is ensured for the network within the organization.


Network engineers are having a complete knowledge about various network areas, so it’s better to consult them.

additional tips

Always keep in mind that network area is important for the organization’s profit.

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