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How To Find the Best 3G Broadband

Published at 02/16/2012 06:47:49

High Speed Internet In Your Hands

Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of Internet solutions to provide you with fast Internet access anywhere you go. There are 3G routers and3G modems that are the size of cell phones but have the functionality of their bigger counterparts. Their mobility makes them very useful for people who are always on the move and need to access the Internet frequently. Their speeds are range from 400kbps to a whopping 20mbps depending on the carrier and the plans. Though their speed often decreases in the rural areas, these devices still make a good buy.

Most people assume that 3G broadband is expensive, this is true up to an extent. 3G broadband is comparatively expensive because of the mobility factor and the fact that 3G data also consumes cell phone network signal bandwidth. But with a number of operators providing reasonable and competitive prices, the price of 3g broadband should come down in the near future to a reasonable level. One should look out more for quality and user-friendliness instead of the price factor at the moment. Here are a few things that you should take a look at while purchasing a 3G broadband connection.

Step 1

1. There are a number of devices which allow you to switch between 3G, GSM and Wi-Fi networks. These devices will provide that added advantage of connecting to Wi-Fi hot spots anywhere you go so you don't need to depend on your 3G connection all the time. You can also share your connection with other users through Wi-Fi.

Step 2

2. 3G broadband cards come in two types, single operator type cards that allow you to use only a single operator and unlocked cards that allow you to use and operator. It's often best to purchase an unlocked card since you can change operators without buying a new card.

Step 3

3. Old laptops and PCs don't support 3G broadband, so you must not think of buying a 3G broadband not unless you have a laptop or PC that can support 3G broadband.

Step 4

4. 3G broadband is one of the fastes internet service aside from LAN and Fiber Optic. And it is the one of the cheapest as well.

Step 5

5. The last  thing to consider on buying a 3G broadband, you must carry it with you all the time, and you shouldn't misplace it for it is like a USB that you need to jack it in in the USB HUB.

Choose Your Plans Carefully

The bad side about 3G connections is the tariff, most 3G connections are expensive at the moment and operators generally throttle your connection after you reach a certain limit or even worse charge you for the data your access after the limit. Luckily, there are many small operators that provide cheaper packages with better rates and limits. Check out different forums to find out how users would rate their connections; is a good place to visit as it provides comparisons between different connections worldwide. Also check out the website of the operators to find out the different plans they offer and compare them accordingly.

Consider Your Needs

Though 3G is fast becoming a popular medium of accessing the Internet, it will take some time for 3G broadband services to become affordable and competitive as fixed-line services. You should definitely consider your needs before thinking about getting a 3G broadband connection, In most cases you can use your 3G enabled handset to act as a modem to access the Internet as the speeds on the handsets prove to be decent enough to watch even HD content.


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