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How To Backup Networking Storage


What is networking storage? It is the process of keep network safe. You must have seen big warehouses on the dock-yards, or many of the intermodal containers that are used by merchant ships to store and transport goods. These are two examples of storage types when we talk about physical product. What if the material that we wanted to store was digital? How would we store it then? Well some very common names come to mind when talking about networking storage devices. USB, hard disks, CD’s, DVD’s, external hard drives, blu-ray discs, etc are all a destination where our files are stored. Be them audio, video, documents or pictures.

Step 1

When we use more than one computer at home and computers are connected through network, we often use its hard disk for networking store for our day to day backup. But when it runs out of spare storage space, we either start burning our files onto a DVD, or (in case its more than what a DVD can hold) an external hard drive. That usually solves most of our storage problems.

Step 2

However, when big companies face the same problem but at a much larger scale, they turn to other specialist companies, which deal in network storage. Networking storage is basically interrelated to the huge amounts of data that a company has on its computers, sometimes on a LAN (Local Area Network) and sometimes-in case of multinational companies on WAN (Wide Area Network).

Step 3

These computer, local or in a wide area, carry a lot of important details. The companies need to keep them safe, safe in regards to possible theft and natural disasters. How they do it is that, they use wither hardware and software for networking storage of their data to a specific centrally located data centre.

Step 4

Using “Black Armor® NAS 110” a small business can centralize its networking storage needs. This product, created by the renown company Seagate, lets its owner store up to 3TB of data on to a NAS (Network Attached Storage), meaning that it can store data from up to 10 separate PC’s to this centralized network storage. Letting its users back their data up with a one touch system and an easy to use software command box that helps the user to secure the important data.

Step 5

For medium to large companies, those usually work on WANs, need more networking storage space. Products such as the HP X1000 Network Storage System, helps them store up to 7.3TB per product. These storage spaces keep increasing as their demand for a safe place for their data increases. Just like the previous example, Network data can be backed up using automated software provided with the product.


Other modes of backing up network data include hardware as well as software. Hardware could include EMC2’s Disk Library. Which gives its user a whooping 5.7PB (5700TB) and the software for networking storage includes software such as EMC2’s Avamar and NetWorker and many more.


The demand for networking storage and means of backing that data up is increasing day by day. It is a crucial task, but at the same time the companies are innovating new means of storage.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/01/2012
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