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How To Install An All in One Laser Printer


Along with the innovations in the current technology today for the production of smaller and cheaper machineries, most of the products are slowly being made available in the confines of a small office or even at home. A long time ago, computers can only be used in companies. Then it has become available for homes at a high price and now, anyone who is able to save enough and can pay the electricity is able to purchase their own computer. Along the convenience of having your computer, its other accessories are also available to be used in homes like printers. Printers come in different forms and one of the most useful and efficient would be the all in one laser printer.

An all in one laser printer has the abilities to not only print but also to scan, fax and photocopy. It is more cost and space friendly as you would not have to but a scanner, printer and fax machine separately. Laser printers make high quality prints and utilize a laser beam to produce an image or a series of texts. One of the problems that we encounter in having such a product is that we tend to have problems even at installing the product to a computer and below are some ways to do it.

For example, we take the Canon all in one laser printer and install it to a windows 7 based computer system.

Step 1

First, insert the installer disk that comes with the all in one laser printer to the disk drive available on your computer. Do not connect the Canon all in one laser printer to your computer just yet. You will be asked to connect them during the installation.

Step 2

Open up “Computer” found on your Start menu and once open, double click on the CD or DVD Drive icon to open the all in one laser printer installation wizard.

Step 3

It differs on the computer used but it would automatically start up the installation of the all in on laser printer. If not, an icon with “Setup” would be seen inside the CD or DVD drive so just double click “Setup” and click yes when asked.

Step 4

Just follow the instructions that will follow in the pop up window that will appear to complete the installation of the Canon all in one laser printer.

Step 5

Once you have accomplished and followed the instructions that the pop up window shows, the end would show you just to click on exit and congratulations in installing your Canon all in one laser printer on your Windows 7 computer system.


Even though such products seem easy to use, sometimes we might bump into other problems technical related or sometimes even the software. If your all in one laser printer would not seem to respond with the commands in the computer, you can always try to reinstall using the disk driver that comes along with the package and just repeat the process of installing. Should more problems ensue, feel free to contact a professional about it.

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