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8 Tips For a Hewlett Packard Printer


By properly using your Packard Printer, you can save time, ink, energy, and paper. Consider these tips to help you use your Packard Printer to its full potential.

Step 1

Print double-sided:

Printing double-sided is a great way to save paper in your Hewlett Packard Printer. In fact, this will cut paper usage in half. Double-sided printing involves using “automatic duplexing”, or “manual duplexing”. With “automatic duplexing”, your Packard Printer will flip the pages on its own. However, “automatic duplexing” is only available with select Packard Printers. If you printer has this feature, it can be set up using the “printer properties” dialog box on your computer. “Manual duplexing” involves standing by, and flipping the pages manually as the printer is printing.

Purchase an energy saving HP Printer:

This is a great way to save on energy, and to lessen the electric bill. Energy Star qualified Packard Printers have been tested and proved to save on energy. Also, Hewlett Packard “All in One’s” have printer, scanner, faxing and more in one machine. This helps prevent you from switching from machine to machine--adding convenience, and saving on energy.

Tip 2

Use Hewlett Packard Smart Web Printing:

When printing a webpage, you may end up with undesirable content, such as ads, etc.. The Smart Web Printing feature allows you to print only the webpage content that you want, instead of the entire page. By properly utilizing this feature, you can actually select specific parts of the web content that you want printed, without any of the extra content that you may not want.

Buy Packard Printers that allow for high capacity ink cartridges:

With high capacity ink cartridges, you won’t have to replace ink as frequently. Given the high price of ink cartridges, this saves money, and adds convenience.

Some More Tips

Use Quick Forms:

Quick Forms make it easy for a user to print graphs, puzzles, notebook paper, and anything else you can think of. The Quick Forms Feature can be purchased online as an added feature for your Packard Printer.

Edit your photos:

Most Packard Printers allow you to edit photos directly from your printer/scanner onto a flash drive, or memory card. This saves the trouble of going through the process of scanning and editing through a photo-editing program.

Change the page layout:

By learning how to properly change the page layout of your document, you can save paper and ink. It might be worth it to consider printing more then one page per sheet. It’s possible to do this by going into the printer dialogue box in the print menu, and clicking on the “pages per sheet” option.

Use Print Preview:

By going into Print Preview, you can preview all of the pages that are going to be in your document. In the Print Preview page, you can control how many pages actually get printed, and make sure that you don’t waste any ink or paper. Try and make sure that there’s not only one sentence on any given page.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
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8 Tips For a Hewlett Packard Printer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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