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Computers have now become one of the most crucial parts of our daily life. From banks to shopping malls everywhere, we take the aid of computers in order to make our work easier and faster. However, maintaining computer systems might not be as easy as using is. Sometimes, due to lack of maintenance, computers become slow and so, our work rate goes down. This slowdown can hurt business and the corporate world to a huge extent, as the work rate determines the profits. So we need to follow certain rules and tips while using computers.

Step 1

Try to use antivirus software with low resource usage. Antivirus software is very essential for computer systems. They help the computers safe and secured from the malware and Internet security threats out there. However,, using an antivirus, which acts as a resource hog might slow down your computer. Before making any selections, you should do some comparative study so that you gain from it.

RAM is the main primary memory of the computer systems. Whenever you buy a computer or even go for an up gradation, try to select a motherboard which supports the latest RAM technology. For example, now DDR3 is the latest. Try to stick with a sufficient amount of RAM based on your work. In most cases three .4 GB of DDR3 RAM is enough.

Step 2

Processor speed is also essential for computer systems. If your work requires high processing power, or even if you use multi-tasking often, then you must select a high speed processor. You can go for a multi-core processor with high speed. This makes the computer fast, along with the other factors. Try to use at least a 2 GHz multicore processor.

Step 3

Use an operating system which consumes less system resources. Often, computer systems become slow due to the use of operating systems which use high resolution, or high system resources. Try to stay away as much as possible. If operating system is not an essential factor for your work, then try to stick with a stable and fast operating system.

Often, the computer systems become slow due to accumulation of junk files and folders. Use a good system utilities packages so that you can keep your computer clean and fast. Junk files tend to use up hard disk drive space and , slows down the machine.

In case of computers systems which are being used for months, a registry cleaner and optimizer might help. Try to get a registry cleaning application, which deletes all the unnecessary registry entries which might slow down the computer. Try to use disk defragmenter software regularly on computers systems. Often, due to the random use of disk space and sectors by an application, fragments are created within the hard disk drive. This can slow down the system. The defragmenter will help you in such case.

Do not keep unnecessary files and folders in computers systems. Save hard disk drive to speed the system up. Updating of software is very important, this not only protects your computer but it also helps in maintaining a good speed.

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