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Why Pc Tablets Are Better

A tablet computer or a pc tablet, or simply tablet, is a complete mobile computer. It is easy to carry and larger than a mobile phone or PDA (personal digital assistant). It has an integrated touch screen feature and often uses a virtual keyboard or a tablet pen rather than a physical keyboard and a mouse.

Advantages of Tablet PC versus Laptop

  • The primary advantage of the PC tablets is that it is lighter than all laptops. They are also smaller in sizes, which means you can take them quite easily tucked under your arm or just place it in your pocket from one place to another. You also use the PC tablet with just one arm. Most laptops need to be placed on bags wherever you go and you need to be in a suitable position for balancing the device.

  • The PC tablet can be laid flat on the working surface. This is ideal when you are in a conference. Most of the laptop screen needs to be kept vertical and that might obstruct clear view of the person .

  • The tablet take their input basically with a tablet pen or stylus. Your handwriting is the input. Tablets are good choice for designing and for illustrating graphics and arts rather than using the traditional keyboard and mouse.

  • Over time, you will learn to use the tablet pen in the right manner, and even customize the pen as you like on your PC tablets. There are different gestures and strokes that you can apply to the pen, which will produce different kinds of results especially on graphics and arts. Eventually this will become easier for you than creating results with the keyboard and mouse.

  • Finally, it must be said that a PC tablet becomes more personal to the user than a laptop. Since everyone has a different style of holding and using pens, the PC tablet becomes unique to the user, and even the user will become unique to the pen. 

  • In fact, there are handwriting recognition applications that will train the PC tablet to understand your handwriting and convert it into text to up to 99% accuracy. It is best used for signing contracts virtually. 

Tips and comments:

Tablets are the next generation of mobile PCs, where ever you are, whatever you do and whenever you want to use it, it will always be available on the palm of your hands.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 07/07/2011
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Why Pc Tablets Are Better. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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