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How To Send Emails

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An email is a form of communication that takes the place of a stamped letter in an envelope. Some of the many perks of sending emails instead of a old fashioned letter is that it will get there much sooner, and also can save money especially if you have many pages that you want to send to someone. You will save on stamps as well as paper!

Sending an email is also efficient, and easier because there are no worries that the letter you are sending could possibly get lost in the mail! Typically, the only times that emails get lost is when the sender information is inaccurate. When this happens the emails is typically returned to the sender, unless someone else happens to have that same email address as how it was addressed as.

Another perk to sending an email is that you are able to send one message to a large group of people all at the same time! With an email you can attach documents, pictures and tons of other personal or professional resources.

Many people who are new to using the Internet may not be sure how to send an email to someone else, but it doesn't have to be such a daunting task!




Step 1

First off, you need to know the recipients emails address. This is necessary as it will tell the email program where to send the email to. You will then open your emails program, or website email that you are using. Some of the most popular free email address are from Gmail, hot-mail, and yahoo mail.




Step 2

In the TO box on the emails for, you will type the address name for the recipient or the person who you want to get the emails.. It should appear to look like this type of format: Sometimes the emails address may end with .net, .mil, .gov or other things.

Step 3

Type the subject of the emails in the subject line of the email header (up top of the email). This can be short and precise or to the point, but someone should be put in this. A few good examples would be "Just saying hello", or "Testing out my emails".

Step 4

You will them write the email or emails by typing what all you are wanting to say to the recipient in the "large square blank message window".

Be sure to use proper capitalization and assure that your caps lock (or key that makes your letter capitalized) is off unless you are making a new sentence.

Imagine this emails as though you were writing a letter to someone as you would with a pen and paper form.


Step 5

Double check to make sure you are keying the email address correct or the message may be returned to you. If you wish to send the email message to more than one person, you simply enter a comma in between each email address.


The recipient will not need to know your return email address, as it will appear on the email without you having to do a thing to it.

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