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How To Open a Windows Tab

Published at 02/22/2012 23:29:25


There are many different versions of Internet Explorer. Currently, the most recent windows Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 9.Windows  Internet Explorer 9 is different than previous versions. As with previous windows versions, Internet Explorer has tabs. Tabs are different miniature windows on your title page. Why are Tabs important in Windows Internet Explorer?

Step 1

Tabs give you the freedom to switch back and forth to your different websites. In windows Internet Explorer 7 and 8, you can use quick tabs to switch back and forth with one another. If you have a version of Windows Internet Explorer that does not have tabs, you can easily upgrade to the latest version by going to the Microsoft website. There are other features which are in Internet Explorer that are not available in any other browser. First, there are RSS feeds. RSS feeds help you keep up with various blogs and other services like Facebook and Twitter. You can use RSS feeds on your cell phone in order to keep up with the latest news on Yahoo! or Google.

Step 2

In addition, with Windows Internet Explorer, you can load tabs quickly. All you have to do in order to get a new tab is go to File, New Tab. Or, there is a short cut for the tab, Control plus the letter T. You can have unlimited number of tabs. Generally on the tab is a favicon, which is a small picture of the site’s icon. You can have many tabs on your browser which can display different websites. In addition, you can close a tab in your browser by clicking the small X on top of the tab. With your mouse, you can click in between tabs to go from one website to another website.

This is much quicker than pressing Control N for a new window and imputing the website’s address. You can have unlimited number of tabs, but the recommended amount of tabs is three or four per window. The recommended number of tabs is necessary in order to provide the window with adequate space. You can save the material in a tab, by going to the File menu and clicking “Save Page As,” or Control and S.

Step 3

Windows Internet Explorer is not the only browser that has tabs. Open sourced Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari also has tabs. In both browsers the methodology works the same way. However, the colors are different. Apple’s and Microsoft’s tabs have a clearer background. Yet, Mozilla Firefox has a tan colored background for its tabs. You can save the tab’s material in Mozilla Firefox and in Apple’s Safari by clicking File and Save As. The file should save to your computer from the web.

Step 4

After being prompted by the application, the file should automatically be downloaded to the computer. You can choose a specific folder or a specific location where you want to download the file. The file can be a web page, a picture, or an MP3 file.

Step 5

You can also right click the tab for additional commands. You can reload tabs, bookmark tabs, and close tabs.


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