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How Does Windows Work With the Internet


The Internet has become a need of today’s developing corporate, student and even social life. Businesses require internet for online purchase websites, students need to research on various projects and generally the society feels an intense need to connect via social networking websites. These massive demands have restructured the entire medium of the Internet, bringing about the advent of broadband and wireless internet as compared to the previous modem based services. Windows comes with an entire system that enables the use of Internet, along with the added benefit of many additional features,


In 1983 Microsoft, declared that it’s developing Windows, a graphical User Interface for operating its own software MS-DOS. What Microsoft wasn’t aware of was that this system would become to be one of the majorly used interfaces in all laptops, desktop computers and hand held devices worldwide. Initially when Windows was released basic versions had many variations, including Microsoft 1.0, 2.0 and so forth. In later years there was an influx of modern versions like Windows 2000, XP, Vista and many others. These catered to the rising demand for multi taking and windows internet browsing amongst other essential requirements. There is a lot of speculation as to when the internet actually came into being, most regard it as 1978, and much before Microsoft came up with windows. Therefore, windows internet was already present in the earliest editions, and thereon just included improvements to the previous versions. Internet Explorer is the official windows internet software used to surf the net by millions of people. The windows system is compatible to operate with this web browsing software, along with Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well.


The Internet Explorer is a concise and complete web browsing software that covers all aspects of web browsing and downloading. When purchasing Windows, one usually receives a free copy of certified Internet software too. In other cases Internet Explorer can also be downloaded off the official website. Windows internet provides users with facilities such a browsing, history, downloading, password and favourite adding features as well. All these actions are completely compatible with all versions of windows. The current Internet Explorer 9 software is the most up to date version and provides users with free access online, with limited errors. It also incorporates the aspect of multi-tasking enabling the user to visit multiple websites simultaneously in different tabs. The previous versions were susceptible to crashing and slowed the system down. Certain windows internet problems might include being shut down immediately after start up, slowing down processor speed and resulting in downloading viruses. In most cases, this can be due to corrupted and missing files; hence, the program will need to be reinstalled. In some cases, the computer might also be running low on disk space in which case a disk cleanup should be conducted. To prevent windows internet harm against viruses, anti-virus software is supposed to be in operation at all times.

Tips and comments

Usually when windows internet doesn’t respond customers can call the Windows Customer Service centre for solutions, to prevent their windows from crashing. The entire concept behind the operation of windows and the internet simultaneously is extremely complex, and the average user can’t grip the information. Therefore, it is a dire necessity to employ a technician at times for smooth flow of operations, with controlled spending.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/24/2012
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