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How To Download Windows Live Messenger

Published at 02/22/2012 22:46:23


Windows Live Messenger was created by Microsoft for use on Windows operating systems for instant messaging. Instant messenger clients like live windows messenger download enable users to contact family and friends on their contacts list. Users can send and receive photos, instant messages, videos, make phone calls, make video calls and use other features. Live windows messenger download is free.

Many Windows computers already have live windows messenger download since most live windows messenger download is included on your computer as a pre-install. You do not have to live windows messenger download again. You have to have a Windows Live ID or screenname before you can live windows messenger download. Windows Live ID is basically your e-mail address you use to sign-in to Hotmail. You have to use the Windows Live ID and your e-mail address password to use live windows messenger download. Remember, the password you use for live windows messenger download is the one you use for your e-mail. Most people still forget this. If you do not have an e-mail address with Hotmail, you need to create your own. You cannot use live windows messenger download without the Windows Live ID.

Step 1

Create your own Windows Live ID. Only do this if you do not have a Windows Live ID. Visit to get your own Windows Live ID. Look for this question on the left side of the main page: "Don't have a Windows Live ID?"

Step 2

Click the "Sign Up" link. You are going to type in your personal information on this page. Type in your full name, birthdate, city, state, zip, password, cell phone number, gender, secret question, secret answer, and other information. Once you are done, click the option that says, "I accept." You now have your Windows Live ID for use with your live windows messenger download.

Step 3

Check to see if you have live windows messenger download on your PC. If you have it, go to your start menu and then open the program. Click the start button on your keyboard or click the start button icon on your computer screen. Find "All Programs" and then click on "Windows Live Messenger." You can enter your password and Windows Live ID to use the messenger, but if you do not see the messenger, go to to live windows messenger download.

Step 4

Visit on your Internet browser. Download is one of the top websites on the Web for software programs and product reviews. Download provides free programs for computer users and the website has one of the best reputations online for having virus-free programs. Type the words "windows live messenger" into the search located at the top right of Download website. The latest version of the instant messenger always appears at the top of the search results.

Step 5

Click on the instant messenger and then click the "Download Now" link. The website takes a few seconds to load the installation. It will automatically download the file to your PC, so you have to just open the file to do the installation.


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