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Download Windows Live Messenger

Published at 02/17/2012 06:16:55


Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular instant message clients on the Internet. Instant message clients like messenger Windows Live allow you to contact your friends and family. You can send your photos, share your photos, write messages back and forth, send videos, speak to your contacts via phone call or video chat and much more. In addition to sending messages, images and videos, you can receive images, videos and messages. Messenger windows live is free to download on your PC.

Depending on your version of Microsoft Windows, messenger windows live should be included as a pre-installed program. All users of messenger windows live must sign-in to the instant message client with their Windows Live ID. The Windows Live ID is your email address you created in Windows Live. You must use your email address as your screen name in order to sign-in to messenger windows live. The password you used for your email address is the same password you must use to sign-in to messenger windows live, as well. If you do not have a Windows Live ID, you can create one. You are required to have a Windows Live ID. You cannot use messenger windows live without one.

Step 1

Create a Windows Live ID, if you do not have one. Go to and then look on the left side of the webpage until you see this question, "Don't have a Windows Live ID?"

Step 2

Click "Sign Up" once you see the "Don't have a Windows Live ID?" question. You are taken to a new webpage. You need to enter your personal information, such as your birth name, city, address, zip code, birthday, secret question and answer, password, mobile number, country, and gender. Click "I accept" to accept the terms. You have just made your Windows Live ID for messenger live windows.

Step 3

Check your computer to see if you have messenger live windows. Windows Live Messenger may already be on your PC. Look for a button on your keyboard that looks like a window and then press that button or move your mouse to the color window icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. This is your "Start" menu. Click "All Programs" and then look for "Windows Live Messenger." If you see it, all you do is install it on your computer. If you do not see "Windows Live Messenger," you must download Windows Live Messenger online.

Step 4

Type in into your address bar on the Internet browser that you use. is one of the main websites online where you can download free programs on your PC. has a great reputation and all of their programs are virus and spyware free. You do not have to worry about the safety of your computer. Look for the search box on this website. Type in "Windows Live Messenger" and then click "Search." Windows Live Messenger will appear first. This is the latest version of the software.

Step 5

Click on "Windows Live Messenger" and then click "Download" to download messenger windows live on your PC.


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