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How To Send Mail With Windows Live

Published at 02/24/2012 00:13:54


Hotmail, or mail Windows Live, is the email platform for Microsoft that is free for users to use on the Web. Mail Windows Live took over the mail client for Windows XP, which was Outlook Express and took over for Windows Vista's mail client, Windows Mail. Email is a way that users can exchange messages to one another in digital format.

Sending a message to another person means that person is the recipient or receiver of your email. You are called the sender when you send a message to a recipient. Emails always consist of three parts in mail Windows mail and in other email clients that people use. Forwarded message, delivered messaged and stored message are the three parts of an email message. Forwarded message is an email you already sent. A delivered message is a message that was delivered to the recipient and he received it successfully. Stored message means that the email is stored or kept in your mail Windows Live inbox.

Mail Windows Live allows you to send unlimited messages to anyone with a valid email address. In addition, someone else can send unlimited messages to your inbox. The email message composed in mail Windows Live consists of other components, which include message body, message header and an envelope. The message body is the blank space in the email where you have a chance to write your message. Message header tells you where you are sending the message, e.g. "To:" and where it is received, e.g. "From:." The envelope indicates that you were sent a message or you replied to a message. Novice computer users can send emails through mail Windows Live with ease.

Step 1

Go to to login to your mail Windows live account. You need to enter your email address for your mail Windows Live account. Enter your password below your mail Windows Live email address. Once you are done, you are going to your email inbox. Send mail with mail Windows Live in two methods. You can either click "Send Message" or go directly to your inbox by clicking "Go to Inbox."

Step 2

Click the "New" button if you chose the option to "Go to Inbox." If you used the second option, "Send Message," you are taken to the page where you email.

Step 3

Type in the email address or copy/paste it into the "To:" section. If you already have the person's email in your mail Windows Live contacts list, mail Windows Live automatically knows who you are referring to, so click on the email. If you do not know the email by heart, type it in or copy/paste it in "To:."

Step 4

Write what the email is about in "Subject." For example, "Party tonight at Rob's" could be used in the "Subject" line.

Step 5

Write your email message you are intending to send in the blank space below. This is the message body. It is a white space that is blank. Click "Send" to send the email from mail Windows Live. If you have misspellings, mail Windows Live notifies you with its spell-check. The misspelled words are underlined in red. Right-click your mouse to see the correct spelling of the world. Proofread your email to see if everything is correct. Click "Send" to send the email through mail Windows Live.


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