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5 Things You Must Know About Windows Live Messenger


Instant Messaging software is one of the common software, which is installed on computer systems. The most commonly used IM software are Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Windows Messenger and Pidgin. Live Windows Messenger was earlier known as the MSN messenger. The change has not only effected name but also the features. Now, Live Windows Messenger has so many features that no other IM software is able to compete with them.

People usually get confused between the Windows Messenger and Live Windows Messenger. They both are different in several aspects. Windows Messenger is preinstalled in Windows XP, where live Windows messenger needs to be downloaded before using it.

For communicating with friends you must install the software, and then sign-in to the Windows Live account. The interface has many cool features, which help in communicating with your loved ones very easy. All the users who are currently connected to the Live Windows Messenger are shown on the interface. The green circular under the name of the user means that the user is available for chatting. Red signal shows when the user is busy. All the contacts are taken from the user account. If user is facing any kind of difficulty in connection, Live Windows Messenger also has a connection testing facility.

Making video calls is also very easy with live Windows messenger. This feature enables user to spend their quality moment with friends and family. High definition video call is also available for clear display of video on the screen. This feature is available on many IM, but Live Windows messenger takes it to another level and makes it more enjoyable to the users. User can also use 40 percent discount on Microsoft Webcam which supports high definition video calling.

Many users use different social websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other website. This software merges different website to a single location, so that user can chat with them very easily. User just needs to import all the contacts from different websites to make full use of this service. Chatting with different people on different website makes it simple. Updates on the Facebook of your friends, family and business associates can also be seen on the screen of the messenger.

Many people use smartphones and Mobile as the medium of chatting. Windows messenger make it a painless process to chat with user online. The software is available for different Smartphone and various other platforms. The small piece of software can be downloaded for Android set, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone and Nokia phone. Users dont need any other additional software to use this messenger. You can send, as well as chat just by tapping on the smartphone. Sharing photos and updates are also very easy with it.


PC to PC call is also available on this messenger. Unlike Skype the price is very low. With just a headphone and a webcam, you can make call at a nominal price. Generally, the screen for video chat is about 640 x 480 resolutions.

By AJ, published at 03/11/2012
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5 Things You Must Know About Windows Live Messenger. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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