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How To Update Windows on a Pc

Published at 02/21/2012 19:44:16


Windows OS holds about 75% to 80% OS share of whole market. The most recent and stable version of windows is "Windows 7". Windows 7 offers timely updates to enhance your windows pc security and performance. It has a built-in application named Windows Update, to download and install updates. This application can check for updates itself. So you don't have to check for updates, you can just set up an update time whether to install updates every day, every week or every month.

Step 1

First step you need to perform on your windows pc is to enable windows update from the windows update application. It is enabled by default but sometimes some people get annoyed by its notifications and they disable it. There is a button "check for updates", you just have to click that button in case you don't already have enabled windows updates. Clicking on check for updates doesn't enable the windows pc updates but it checks for updates.

Step 2

When you will click on check for updates, windows will check any available updates for your windows pc. These updates can include security related updates like windows defender or windows firewall updates. There are windows built-in software's updates, which include new features and bug fixes usually. Checking windows pc updates will take some time. It will check your programs and will compare the latest available versions of those programs, if you have some lower version it will show you that specific software needs to be updated on your windows pc.

Step 3

Once you have checked for updates, you can install them. There is an option to automatically download and install, which will enable windows updates and will check for updates periodically, but you don't need to enable that at this time. You just have to download and install some update and see if you are comfortable with the procedure, some people don't like windows updates to take their internet bandwidth. It totally depends on you whether you want to enable periodic updates or not.

If you are comfortable with the windows updates, you can enable them by going in settings; it will show you some further options whether you want to check for updates daily, weekly or on monthly basis. Mostly software’s don't get a new version before a month. But windows defender and windows firewall usually get short timed updates, because they work on security on daily basis and they release solution (update) whenever they find a potential threat to windows pc.

Step 4

You can also disable annoying windows pc alerts from settings. Those alerts include alerts about some new available updates or about some downloaded update to be installed. It depends on your settings, you can select to only check updates, only download updates, or download and install updates automatically. It depends on your needs. If you want to see and select which updates you want to download you can select only check updates. Similarly you can select download and install automatically if you don't have any problem with downloading.

Step 5

Windows updates are quite helpful sometimes, there are a lot of hackers out there and they keep trying to intrude in your windows pc. Windows offer you periodic automatic updates which help you to be as much as safe you can.


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