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How To Download Windows Vista Free

Published at 03/13/2012 21:53:06


Windows Vista was the previous operating system for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Vista added additional security, deployment, reliability and performance to Windows than Windows XP, the previous version of Windows Vista. Windows Vista was first launched in 2006 and it was released five years after the XP operating system. This 5-year span was the longest time an operating system was not released. The features of Windows Vista include new securit features that prevent and protect your computer system against viruses, adwware, worms, spyware, backdoors, trojans and other malicious software. Other features include stopping threats, faster computer start-up time and a newer sleep state, which means you save power on your computer when you put your system to sleep or hibernation.

Four versions of Windows Vista exists: Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate. All these versions of Vista are still available for purchase, but the prices have no gone down even though the last edition of Windows Vista was in 2008. No one wants to pay full price for this operating system, so you can download windows free on the Internet from various websites that allow you to download windows free.

Step 1

Think about the version of WIndows Vista you want to download windows free for. You have four versions to choose from, such as Basic, Premium, Business and Ultimate. Do some Web research before you decide to download windows free. It would be best to research beforehand, so you do not change your mind about what version you want to download windows free for on your computer.

Step 2

Think about which version of Windows Vista you think you need. For example, Windows Vista comes in two bits, the 32-bit and the 64-bit edition. If you are not sure about the type of bits your computer has, go to the Control Panel by hitting the "Start" button and then "Control Panel." Go to the section called "System." The bits should appear there and this will determine which version you want to download windows free for because you have to download the right version. The wrong version will not work on your computer. Download windows free for the right bit version of your PC, e.g. 32 bits or 64 bits.

Step 3

Download a program called Vuze at Vuze is the program you need in order to download windows free. You download windows free as a torrent on Vuze. Install the program from the website and then go to is a search engine for torrents. Type in the Windows Vista you want to download in the search field. Follow the instructions on the website and then click "Download torrent." Vuze will open the torrent file, so you can download windows free.

Step 4

Create an account on the message forum on This is the alternate way to download windows free. You can download windows free on this forum. Just create an account at the top of the webpage. Complete the account process and then click "Search" at the top of the webpage.

Step 5

Type in the version of Windows Vista you want and then press "Enter" or click "Search." Click the version you want to download. Follow the instructions in the thread. A thread is something one of the members posts, e.g. Windows Vista 64-bit version. He starts the posts by posting the first post. The download is usually on a file-sharing site like Hotfile, so copy the links in your browser and download each one at a time to download windows free.




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