How To Download Free Windows
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How To Download Free Windows

Published at 03/11/2012 05:12:44


How To Download Free Windows

With the internet available in every home, things have become very easy and simple. The internet has made the world a global village and people from all around the world can easily interact with each other and share their ideas, similarly people can share their files and data. Data sharing has been a disaster for many companies and others like singers and movie directors due to piracy, but the general public has profited a lot due to easy data transfer through the internet. Previously people who wanted to have a new operating system for their personal computers didn’t have a lot of choice and had to buy the genuine CD produced by the Microsoft to install windows, then there were pirated CD’s available in the market which were relatively cheaper than the genuine one, but these days people can download free windows through the internet thus making changing operating systems very easy and simple.

Step 1

The first way you can download free windows is to go to the Microsoft site look for free trial for windows, Microsoft offers many free 90 days trials for windows which users can download and use the windows for 90 days, and this is usually not very effective.

Step 2

Secondly what you can do is to go to a search engine (Google or Yahoo) and search for free download of windows. The search engine would show many results and links claiming to give free downloads of windows now it’s your task to open many of the links and find out which one actually provides with the genuine windows download.

Step 3

Some websites need the users to register themselves to download from that site. Registering is usually a free process and is very easy most of the times. Once registered downloading is made possible. Some of the windows free download are broken into parts to make downloading easier and to avoid being caught, you don’t need to worry about it you can download all the parts and once the ISO file is extracted windows can be installed.

Step 4

Another way to download free windows is to download it through the torrents. There are many torrents available one the internet all you have to do is search the internet for torrents and once the torrent is found you can use any torrent downloader to download the file and this is a very effective way of downloading not only windows but a lot of other stuff too.

Step 5

Downloading free windows is a very easy and effective method but every computer users should know that piracy is crime and all these people on the internet providing with free downloads are committing a crime. We should always buy the genuine products so that the people creating the products can get the credit for their hard work.


How To Download Free Windows

Windows is the operating system for computers which is dominating the world of operating systems since 1985. Windows is produced by the Microsoft Corporation. Since 1985 the Microsoft has produced many windows which were all considered to be very good in their times. Starting from windows 1 and windows 2, the Microsoft has produced some very great operating systems and in the process revolutionized the whole world. Some of the main windows operating systems widely recognized by the whole world include Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows Vista and the latest release Windows 7.


I hope this article will help you download free windows. As windows OS today holds bulk of the market share in the world. It is very hard to start away from this amazing operating system.


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