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Windows updates are popular solutions for upgrading your older version of the Windows operating system. When using an out-of-date version of Windows, you may not be able to run some programs or download certain software. If your computer meets the requirements that are required for newer versions, you can easily get Windows updates and upgrades. While an upgrade completely replaces your older version of Windows with a newer one, an update simply gives you the latest drivers and programs for your computer. To decide what needs to be done with your computer, think about how old your Windows version is and if you ever have problems running certain programs.

Step 1

If you decide to go with Windows update upgrades, this will entirely replace your old version of Windows with a newer one. You do not need to go with the newest version of Windows, but can go with older ones that are still newer than your current one. If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 7, you must already be running Windows XP or Vista. If your computer is able to run these two versions, it should be able to run Windows 7 without a problem. Older versions of Windows will not be able to get Windows 7.

Step 2

You can download Windows updates upgrades from Under the buy tab, head on over to the Windows 7 section. Here, you can learn more about Windows 7 and the updates that it will provide for your computer. There are two different methods to getting Windows 7, a full download or an upgrade. If you are simply upgrading Windows Vista, then you can go with the upgrade method. You can also choose to purchase the product in three different ways. Download, download plus a backup disc, and receiving the software in the mail are your three choices. By downloading, you can get you Windows updates immediately.

Step 3

Perhaps you are simply looking for Windows updates and not a full upgrade of your operating system. You can easily check to see if there are any Windows updates available for your computer by doing the following. Click on your start icon and in the search for programs an files box, type in, "Windows update". You should now see a list of programs that meet this search term. Click on the one that simply says, "Windows Update". This will open up a new window.

Step 4

The Windows updates box should tell you if there are any new Windows updates available to download. You may see a link that says one important update is available and one optional update is available. Click on the links to see the updates that the program is recommending that you get.

Step 5

Click to install updates and wait while the program updates your computer. Make sure that you are not in the middle of something when updating your computer, because it will need to restart and may take some time to come back on, as it will download the upgrades as the computer is restarting. If you are interested in knowing the last time that you downloaded Windows updates, the program should tell you a time and date that you last checked and downloaded.


Windows updates are recommended to keep your computer up to date and to protect against viruses.

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