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The Benefits Of Windows Premium


It is the latest release of Microsoft windows for personal computers and was released in October 2009. The interface of windows premium is more intuitive and user friendly which is design for easy interaction of users which are not familiar with machines that much. It has many benefits and that are given below.

It is user friendly so that anyone can easily use it. Its interface is more entertaining which will grab user interaction and we can say windows premium provides us a best PC entertainment experience. It is more intuitive which is also for the ease of user as it helps user at each single point, what to do.

One major advantage you can say is its speed and quick responsive time. It uses less memory and it also run background only when they are needed. Windows premium use such technology which is best for graphics so it is good for game developers. Windows premium is a good choice for those who have old computers. It also has security measures so that you can secure your documents by doing encryption. Security is again one of major advantages.

Windows premium provides you the facility of working with thirty five different languages as it supports all of them. It also provides a facility to user that they can interact with the graphical application using just a finger touch as we can say window premium provides us the facility of multi-touch. Now you can open your folders, move your pictures, can rotate and re-size them with your hands.

It also gives you windows XP mode for XP lovers. This mode gives your business flexibility with some XP applications. Windows premium provides you the facility to customize the window. By this you make your windows look like as you want by changing themes and taskbar programs.

It always creates a backup of your system on a network, which help us in any case of damage or loss of your data. In windows premium it is easy to connect with the network either you are having or not having a server.
Easy sharing of files and printers are provided in windows premium. You can connect two or more computers and creates a HomeGroup. Then on this you can easily share printers, pictures and documents with people on your home.

Windows premium provides you another benefit that you can record, pause or watch live TV by using this facility your PC become a digital video recorder. In windows premium you can manage security messages like if you ON the notifications then when windows needs your attention a notification will show on right side of taskbar. By clicking on that notification you will get more information about it.

Windows premium supports the latest software and hardware. In additional to that, it also supports latest technologies like Adobe Flash, Silverlight, Java etc. Another advantage is that windows premium is designed in such a way that makes your computer sleep and resume quicker so that you will not wait for long time. Windows premium have many such benefits, so we can say that it is good for everyone to use on your personal computers.


By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/17/2012
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The Benefits Of Windows Premium. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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