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How To Fix Your Windows Files


Windows files errors are caused by some software that may be missing on the computer. Another cause associated with the errors is missing file associations. The solution to this windows files problem is scanning the files on your PM. It can be excellently done by the use of repair tool for window files. Through scanning you will be able to do an analysis of your Windows files and arrive at a point of determining whether there are any errors which are causing trouble on your files. The files repair tool can be downloaded and then installed to meet your needs.

Step 1

The windows files problems and errors may include; the inaccessibility of the windows files. The windows files will be hard to open. It is also known that the programs will all lock up.

Step 2

Sometimes there can be crashes, the pc may also be performing in a very slow manner, you will also be faced with problems as you shut your machine down, when you are doing the installations you may face installation errors also.

Step 3

The problem can be fixed very easily. It is not much involving. In the first place before you do the windows files installations, you will need to do a down load first of the Windows files repair tool. This will keep the Windows files very safe.

Step 4

To download the windows files software you need to be having the following types of windows; xp, vista, windows 7. This type of windows will enable you to run the registry reviver. If the types of windows are not available, then the down load might have some problems.

Step 5

The following process will make you accomplish the windows files security. You are then supposed to run the reviver installer. At this time a window usually appears and with a message on whether to run or save the files. There is also another message asking you to asking if you are sure to run the files.


You need to simply click run it again. Then the register wizard continues where you are supposed to follow it up. The download will finish in a matter of minutes. When it has finished, the reviver wizard will then be seen on the screen. Then if you follow the wizard carefully you will be able to arrive at the finish point on the installation process.

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The next thing you can do later is to launch the reviver and do a run of the PC scan. When the installation has gone through you will click finish. After this you are able to open the reviver on the desktop or your computer screen. You can do this by just doing a double click of the folder or icon on the desktop. After completing the whole process, you can then do a thorough scan of your windows files including the system PM. The will let you have a clean PC. If this has been done you are sure that windows files are safe and free from any attack that can come as a result of any type of virus. If the windows files are have not been cleaned well you can do a repeated scanning. If the software does not install well on your PC, you can uninstall it and install it again.

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