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Five Facts About the Windows Xp Service Pack


Microsoft is one of the best organizations in the field of information technology. Windows XP is one of the most famous products by Microsoft. Windows XP stands for “eXperience” that is consider as world’s number one operating system. XP operates good enough with laptops and desktop computer including homes and business use.


Windows XP was released on 24 Aug, 2001 and this was second version of Windows. Microsoft always works for the betterment of features in their products through different manners. Service pack Windows XP is one of the good ways from Microsoft to enhance the feature of its operating system. So, one can find reliability and efficiency while using operating system of XP.


There are so many facts about service pack Windows XP and this article will describe five facts about the Windows XP service pack.

Service pack Windows XP is basically introduced for fixing bugs and problems that arise in the previous version of XP. Each new released of service pack Windows XP contains the features of its old versions and also some new features. If you want to update working and feature of your computer’s operating system of Windows through service pack Windows XP. Then you simply have to install new version of Windows first, which is Windows XP because, the old versions of Windows XP are working without the compatibility of service pack Windows XP. There are three types of service pack Windows XP has been launched to facilitate operating system of Windows. The three service packs Windows XP are known as service pack1 (SP1), service pack2 (SP2), service pack3 (SP3).

Before installing the new version of service pack Windows XP, first you have installed its previous version in your system. An updated version of service pack Windows XP includes full features of its last version so you have to remove the last updated version of service pack Windows XP before the installation of new one. Deletion of previous version of service pack Windows XP could be done through manually. Because if someone go through for automatic deletion then, there is a chance that some of important files could also get removed. And also disk will occupy more space with duplicate files of same previous features that present in both old and new versions.

Service pack is launched to facilitate the users of Windows XP by the provision of security and performance. Service pack updating an easy and efficient way to make your system up to date. Service packs Windows XP are basically develop to overcome the complaints of the users of Windows XP regarding security, interface and integrated application. All the versions of service pack Windows XP contain unique features from each other.

The first version of service pack Windows XP focuses on security concerns and it was released on 9 Sep, 2002 that is known as SP1. The SP2 version was launched on 25, August 2004. The second release of service pack Windows XP also focuses on security concerns but with some new features such as Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth enhancement and compatibility encryption. The third and last released is known as SP3 and it was launched on April 21, 2008 and it has focus to many technologies and features including NX APPIs to facilitate application developer, black hole automatic router detector, SHA-2 that supports signature, and network protector.

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Now you can easily install versions of service pack Windows XP according to your needs and requirements of operating system.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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