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7 Facts on Windows Xp Pro

Published at 04/02/2012 05:01:06


XP Pro Windows stands for an edition of Windows’ operating system, XP Professional. The ‘XP’ means experience. It is designed for business users. It has advanced features that an average home user may not use. These features may not be actually missing from the XP Home Edition but they may be simply disabled.

XP Pro Windows has a streamlined interface. It performs smoothly on many systems. It has an easy networking potential with integrated CD-R/RW playback and burn features. Its Remote Assistance tool aids troubleshooting and control of remote personal computers.


Microsoft released Windows XP in October 2001 with the code name ‘Whistler’. Windows XP achieved the merging of the Windows NT 2000, Windows 98 and Windows 95. It used the Windows NT 5.1 kernel and introduced the NT core to the consumer market to replace the 16/32-bit branch.

The XP Pro Windows edition was taken out exclusively for business and power users. When it was released, it could be installed on only one machine. The other handicaps were that you had to sign up for Passport Web Account with heavy system requirements. Yet it was a trustworthy upgrade from Windows 2000.


7 important facts you need to know about XP Pro Windows:
1. It can be kept on for a long time. The previous versions of Windows’ operating systems could not stay long between boots but XP Pro can stay connected for a long time.
2. It uses a number of accessibility features including readability and display customization. It has an on-screen keyboard.
3. The OS lets you share a computer’s disks and folders with other computers on the network by using a process called ‘Simple File Sharing’.
4. You will have to remember that in this operating system, if a user has full access, deleting a file does not send it to the Recycle Bin. Once you delete a file, it is gone for good.
5. XP Pro Windows is much more crash proof than the earlier versions of Windows.
6. It has good photo managing and printing utilities. It also has hibernating and game saving mode features as in Vista.
7. The biggest problem with XP Pro Windows is its compatibility issue as some of your hardware and software may not work with it. Many games do not run under XP Pro Windows and some of your older peripherals also will not work.

Tips and comments

The first release of XP Pro Windows was expensive and it gave much trouble with pop-ups of the new license restrictions. Many people wanted to shift to Windows 6 and Windows 7. But, it has settled down with powerful administrative controls as it offers the best of Windows 2000 features in a package that is easy to navigate.

XP Pro Windows takes some time for the users to get familiar with it, but after sometime, you get to like the new edition. With the XP Pro Windows, Microsoft has managed to create an Operating System that works well for beginners, enthusiasts and corporate users alike. Microsoft’s support of XP Pro Windows ends in April 2014.



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