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Windows is currently the most dominating operating system in the market. One would go as far as to say that its popularity is far greater than any other operating system in the world. This is because of plenty of reasons. Not only is Windows very user friendly, the interface is also very interactive, making it easier to learn for new users and is also very basic, so even computer amateurs can use it very easily. There are many ways to get free Windows software and upgrades. The company itself offers genuine ways to download and install free Windows products and applications which makes it very convenient to use and also guarantees that the product is genuine and will work perfectly well.


Windows makes many products which one can use to enhance the computer experience. One can customize the software using applications that can make the system more suitable to your needs. This is because the operating system is designed to be very user friendly and that is the highlight of the company. Free windows software is thus very tempting for many as the original may cost slightly more than one’s expectations. It is important however to note that free software is hard to find and may only be available in certain time slots, so one always has to keep an eye open to get the chance.


The internet has made everything available online. So naturally, the internet is one of the best places to get free Windows. There are many websites and e-stores that claim to give-away original and unused copies of the software for people to use. However, while using the internet, one has to be very caution about malicious software known as malware. These so called free copies of the software may be rigged or be programmed in such a way to contain spyware or adware, which are used to spy into the user’s working of the software. They also produce ads which are a constant nuisance and are very frustrating to deal with. These malware completely slow down the computer since they continuously download even more software from the internet and in extreme cases can even do permanent damage to one’s system making them a serious threat. Thus it is advisable to only download products from sites which have positive reviews or which are known to be trustable. Windows itself offers trial versions of its products which are completely free and can be used for extended periods. These contain basic versions of the full software so are much less space consuming, but also offer limited functions. However, one can rest assured that at least the product is genuine and free from any kind of malicious software.

Tips and comments

Free windows may seem like an ideal and cheap solution for one’s software needs, but caution needs to be taken when downloading or installing stuff from unauthorized vendors. Make sure you also have a strong antivirus software which can rectify or catch the problem if the software you download is not authentic or has traces of malware.

By Amara, published at 02/14/2012
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Great Advice For Free Windows. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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