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How To Get Free Updates For Windows

Getting started with Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is probably one of the leading computer operating system today. There are many versions of the Microsoft windows released so far. The latest addition to the windows version is windows 7. Windows 8 has been released but is still under development. The windows operating system is preferred by most of the people. 

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The main reason for the preference is the simplicity. Windows is probably the simplest method of doing everything on the computer. The window has made computer friendlier than ever. There are many people that use the windows on their personal computers. The simplicity of windows makes usable to vast people. 

Step 2

The release of windows XP had a massive impact on the operating systems. This is fast and reliable operating system. There are free updates provided by Microsoft which are helpful to keep. Most of the windows free updates can be found on the internet which makes the usage simple by the addition of new features to the current version.

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History of windows development

The Microsoft windows was designed to provide computer the Graphical user Interface for its own MS-DOS. This first family of the windows includes windows 3.11, Windows 95, windows 98 and windows Me. These were developed by the course of time. The pure first versions of windows were windows 1.0 and windows 2.0. The windows 3.1 was released in 1992. This was possible because of the better processors development.  and released.

Step 4

Later, various versions of the windows were released. Windows 95 was first windows released on 32 bit. The advanced versions of the windows were developed for the 32 bit operating system. There were also some additions in the windows 95 versions that included USB support. The release of windows XP in 2004 brought revolutionary change in the usage of windows. Later highly graphical windows vista and windows 7 were developed

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Getting free windows updates

The use of the windows is extremely easy. You can use windows being a dummy. There are several features of the windows that are extremely helpful for people. You can use windows for various purposes. The updates to windows are provided by Microsoft in response to make various improvements on the current version. 

There are windows free updates that can be downloaded from the internet. To get the windows free updates, you can search the web. There are many websites that offer free updates for windows. You can also get windows free updates from the official Microsoft website. There are many free updates that are provided by the company for windows users. For the genuine windows users, most of the updates are free. You can download them directly to your computer from the Microsoft website.

Tips for getting windows updates free

There are many websites that offer windows free updates. If you are using genuine windows, you can update the windows directly by turning on the automatic updates from the control panel. Most of the updates are free. There are some updates that are premium only. You can even choose the update you want to download.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/25/2012
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