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What Are the Advantages Of 2003 Windows Server


2003 windows server was introduced to the companies to make their working capability high with in less time consumption. It is an operation system to help the client operations of server easier and in less time. It helps out number of companies and act as a domain server or as a controller. It was based on NT Microsoft system. 2003 windows server is a new technique having visual effects different from the old method. It helps in the handling of files management and layout both and provides security to the system as well. After the invention of this method the working of local network improved a lot and still used in the offices. As everyone knows that there are number of advantages and disadvantage of any new program that is installed and introduced to the one but in 2003 windows server it has provided more advantage to the client from the disadvantage and when compared to the benefit they do not seem to even exist. It has provided client with number of facilities, which not only increase the efficiency but also reduces the cost charged for the product.


  • 2003 windows server is easy one to handle and perform task through it. No delicate adminstration is required is operate the server and could be handle easily. Even the organization had made amendment in the server so that they could have easier operating of server. It helps to maintain an active directory system for the client for up to date data.


  • Secrecy is the key factor behind the success of any business to make the organization competitive for each other. 2003 windows server has provided the set up, which are, save and secured to share the information with respective person or member through rote without having any misleading information problem. Active directory helps a lot in the performances of the task.
  • It is reliable for the organization to have the fast way to perform the task. It has increased uptime and available for the client in the working condition for full year and may be down for few minutes in full year and that is just because of reboot system.
  • 2003 windows server helps the organization to reduce the cost by helping them to manage the files easily and in better ways. The administration manger easily handles all the files and help in low total cost of ownership.


  • 2003 windows server provide enhanced security and reliability for the client and isolated application as well, which in turn helps to increase the task completion and efficiency as well. Keep the server uptime for the client all the time.
  • It helps to create a strong web server to share all the informative files between each other.It helps to manage cluster of files and transfer it easily. Windows Right Management Services are available in this server, which help to protect the important and personal files.
  • Server has provided an easy and dynamic structure for the programs to work protect and effectively. This help to communicate between the organization and inside the organization by setting up a standard. One can easily find the files and can use it.
By John, published at 02/24/2012
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